DanBred Duroc


Expect larger, healthier litters and stronger weaners. Faster growing finisher pigs with lower feed conversion ratio. And a higher lean meat percentage. Choose the best performing terminal sire on the market to boost your business and stay competitive.

More pork for less cost

1,128 gram daily gain

Exceptional meat quality

62.5 % lean meat

Verified best-in-class performance

< 2.27 kg feed for kg gain

DanBred Duroc originates from North America, but the race was imported to Denmark in the 1970s.

Offspring from DanBred Duroc has excellent feed efficiency and superior daily gain. This not only reduces the days until slaughter, but it also lowers total feed cost making you more profitable. Add to that the use of fewer resources, which makes you more sustainable.

7 Facts

The world’s most profitable and environmentally efficient terminal boar line
Produce litters with high survival rates and vigorous piglets

Ongoing selected for high lean meat, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers

Progenies are robust and have uniform growth rates from birth to slaughte
Finisher carcasses have exceptional meat quality: pH, colour and IMF
Progenies have superior daily gain from birth to slaughter and the best feed efficiency

Progeny are easy to handle and highly social, leading to higher animal welfare

Our customers not only get more pork for less costs but in addition high class pork quality that is in high demand around the world.

Efficient genetics, like DanBred Duroc is not only profitable for the producer, but also makes major contribution to reducing carbon footprint from pork production.

DanBred Duroc is used as the terminal sire in the DanBred cross-breeding program, where the performance is excellent in combination with the DanBred Hybrid.

DanBred Duroc Breeding Goal


Daily gain (birth to 30 kg)

Daily gain (30 kg to slaughter)

Feed conversion

Killing out

Lean meat percentage



Survival (piglet effect)




DanBred Duroc D(LY) progeny are:

Key figures

DanBred D(LY) finishers have superior meat quality (90 kg) as evidenced by:

2.57 %

High content of intramascular fat


High level of pH-24-96 h post mortem

Research indicates that since the RN and Halothane genes have been removed from the DanBred breeds decades ago, pH no longer influences production yield, which is why pH is no longer part of the DanBred breeding goals.
DanBred D(LY) finishers have excellent performance results (30-100 kg) as evidenced by:

1,128 gram

World class growth rates, daily gain

62.5 percent

Eminent lean meat percentage

< 2.27 kg feed / kg gain

Superior feed conversion ratio

That is evident from SEGES Innovation’s industry analysis from 2020 (note no. 2136). These results are an average of the top 5 DanBred herds in the analysis.

Superior performance results

Take the gambling out of breeding. Time after time it has been documented that DanBred Duroc compared to other Duroc sire lines delivers outstanding performance with supreme finisher traits and great carcass yield per finisher pig.

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