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On-farm Training AgriPlus

Ambitious, experienced pig producers all around the world will gain from knowledge sharing with other farmers. That’s why the professionals pig producers from AgriPlus recommends DanBred On-farm Training!

Savannah Pork

Does genetics really matter? If you ask Savannah Pork, the answer is yes! They wanted to find a partner, not just a supplier – and they did.

Folhados Farm

Folhados Farm gets record-breaking results in the Brazilian market, without extra work for the employees. Quite on the contrary, they argue that the DanBred sow takes care of the piglets.


At Spøttrup, they achieve 45 weaned pigs per sow per year with quite few employees, because of simple routines and calm animals. 

training with DanBred

With just a week of DanBred’s On-farm Training, this group got practical knowledge of how to improve the productivity, animal welfare, and economic profit in the farms back home.

lundegaard, lundegård

Lundegaard is one of Denmark’s best producers of finisher pigs. The results speak for themselves: 1,147 g in daily gain, 2.3 kg feed per kg gain, and 62 % lean meat.

farrowing pigs

From 2017 to 2021, Earl l’Orée du Bois improved weaned pigs per litter with more than 4 pigs. To put it another way, that’s 10 more weaned piglets per sow per year. This has reduced the production costs, as fewer sows can wean more piglets.


Kongstedgaard proves that the right management practices and genetics result in higher longevity. Dedicated and motivated employees are essential, when talking about best management practices.

On-farm Training

DanBred’s Technical Service Manager, Laura, proves the power of knowledge sharing! She participated in around a week of DanBred’s On-Farm Training and learned the most important practical routines: how to manage feedings, how to wean the piglets, how to move piglets, how to create a nurse sow, what the most important steps are when the piglets are first born, and so much more.

Bonafarm Group produces 670,000 pigs annually, and the pig breeding integration is a vital part of Bonafarm Agriculture. They recently opened a third multiplication farm and by 2022 they expect to produce 750,000 pigs per year!

A successful farm with 60 dedicated employees that started using DanBred genetics more than 20 years ago. After switching to DanBred gilts, they quickly saw the results!

Earl Lucas farm switched to DanBred from another genetics company in 2012, and within a year they sold 1000 more pigs with 20 fewer sows.

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