Code of Conduct in DanBred P/S

DanBred’s Code of Conduct defines who we are as a company and how we act in our daily work. The Code of Conduct serves as a compass that guides us in making decisions and in acting in a way that aligns with our core values and our commitment to integrity, honesty, and respect.

The Code of Conduct applies to DanBred P/S’ employees, subsidiaries, associated companies, and any entity that is controlled directly or indirectly by DanBred P/S as well as entities that are under joint control or ownership with such an entity, regardless of geographical location.

DanBred’s Code of Conduct derives from five basic principles and our vision for One DanBred. Our Code of Conduct is based upon our business values and describes how we expect everyone to behave and interact – internally and externally

Development focus

We are a customer-centric company, and our most important task is to ensure happy and satisfied stakeholders. We must always have service and customer needs in focus. This involves adhering to the response policy, being service minded, professional and polite, when interacting with stakeholders.

By placing our customers at the centre of everything we do, we strive to be a trusted partner and preferred supplier, which develops and provides quality services and customised solutions that add value to our customers.

DanBred wants to be innovative and is committed to collaborate with customers and partners to deliver innovative breakthroughs and introduce new ways of working in the marketplace.

Respectfulness and diversity

DanBred is dedicated to creating a workplace environment that respects diversity and promotes the dignity of every individual. We support and respect international human rights and show a high level of cultural awareness and respect. We expect everyone to treat colleagues with mutual respect, and we do not harass or discriminate regardless of the base – be it race, age, seniority, gender, religion, sexual orientation, class, or appearance. We always keep a constructive and nice collegial tone, and we do not promote a certain group or individuals at the expense of others.

We want to create a safe and inspiring workplace, and we care about the safety and well-being of our employees. DanBred’s physical and psychological work environment is a high priority. We invest in a healthy environment at all locations where DanBred has the managerial and operational responsibility. It is a mutual responsibility to support and help each other in our daily work.


Bullying and any kind of harassment (including sexual harassment) is unacceptable and will have consequences for the employment at DanBred.

DanBred defines bullying as persistent, offensive actions that the receiver experiences as hurtful or degrading. Harassment includes any unwanted behaviour that infringes on an individual’s dignity.

Harassment and bullying can be physical, mental, written, or verbal as well as of a visual nature. 

We have no tolerance for any kind of bullying, harassment, or violence.

Employees and collaboration partners who experience any form of bullying, harassment, or violence are encouraged to contact DanBred’s HR department, a member of the management team (will be kept confidential), or use the DanBred Whistleblower reporting tool.


Confidentiality and integrity are very important to DanBred. Employees and collaboration partners are trusted with sensitive information that is critical to the company’s operations, and they are expected to handle this with the utmost care and discretion.

Therefore, all information obtained directly or indirectly during the employment period with DanBred, its subsidiaries, or collaboration partners must be kept confidential. Information obtained may only be used for the operations of the company. Such information may not be copied, provided or made available to any person other than in connection with the business of the company or the employment.

DanBred complies with all national and international laws to prevent, identify, and combat economic crime. All employees and collaboration partners must refrain from non-compliance with obligations or guidelines for this type of criminal activity. Employees and collaboration partners must actively assist in investigations of this type of crime.

We comply with the competition laws of all countries where DanBred is doing business. DanBred’s relations with all of our partners play an important role in the development of our business. We require our partners to follow relevant legislation as well as good business practice. Our co-operation is built on mutual decency and trust. If a partner does not comply with the applicable requirements, it may result in DanBred being forced to terminate the collaboration.

We protect all our company’s resources, including intellectual property. All DanBred’s materials and intellectual assets and resources (such as office, IT equipment, business information, technical processes etc.) are intended exclusively to be used for DanBred’s business goals and to ensure our long-term success. DanBred also respects third parties’ physical and intellectual property, including business partners and our competitors, and we will never harm or abuse them in any of DanBred’s business activities.


A core value at DanBred is knowledge and development. We believe that we differentiate from our competitors through our high level of knowledge and competencies. We become a top three leading company by strengthening our knowledge and individual competencies.

We question the status quo and have the courage to explore. As our industry changes, we explore new opportunities and continue to acquire new knowledge and develop solutions that create the best results for our business.

We must ensure that all employees are skilled in their tasks and responsibilities, and therefore, we provide opportunities for competence development.

By improving processes and eliminating complexity and unnecessary costs, DanBred continues to optimise daily operations and establish robust processes across its business with the aim of building a uniform global operating model for its business units and staff functions, which ultimately enables DanBred to “Work smarter to get stronger” by fortifying our core competencies. This is for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and business partners.

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