DanBred Hybrid

DanBred Hybrid has an even temper and excellent mothering abilities as well as a good longevity. The breed produces large viable litters of robust pigs, which grow fast and have a high feed efficiency all the way to slaughter, and when crossed with DanBred Duroc, the offspring will inherit all these traits as well as an excellent meat quality.


The DanBred Hybrid is the most prolific hybrid for production of optimal finishers.

DanBred Hybrid is a first cross between DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. It is the optimal dam line, which ensures high efficiency in the production by combining the best traits.

6 Facts

DanBred Hybrid has great mothering abilities and an even temper
DanBred Hybrid contributes to sustainable production of pork
DanBred Hybrid has a good longevity, and, thus, a large lifetime production
DanBred Hybrid produces very large litters with high survival rates
DanBred Hybrid produces many robust ’full value pigs’
DanBred Hybrid has fast-growing and feed efficient offspring

DanBred purebred populations are:


The graph below shows the top 5 DanBred production herds’ number of weaned pigs per sow per year with a result of 39.8 weaners per DanBred Hybrid per year in 2019, clearly illustrating the productivity and resulting profitability of the DanBred Hybrid.

Releasing the full potential

The DanBred Hybrid comes with an extraordinary genetic potential for reproductive performance. Combined with focused management efforts to make the perfect farrowing house, the DanBred Hybrid makes an important and noticeable difference to both production results and profit margin
Setting up correct management routines around farrowing begins at the pre-farrowing phase, where cleaning, bedding and a specific quality check-list should be in focus. Once the pen has been properly prepared and the farrowing has begun, successful farrowing depends on correct feeding, observation and assistance if needed.
Success in managing hyper prolific sows like the DanBred Hybrid is especially centred around the careful management of the new born piglets; quick access to the udder and to colostrum as well as keeping the piglets warm and dry are key focus areas. Strategies such as split suckling and feeding colostrum can also help ensure piglet health and growth at the important early stage of their lives.
To support the high number of piglets, focussed attention on management and feeding during lactation has not only been proven to support immediate piglet growth, but also improve lifetime productivity. The feeding strategy should therefore centre on feeding for high milk yield to maximise the number of nursing piglets.

Finally, to achieve efficient and successful weaning, it is important to know the potential of both sows and piglets to set a realisitic targeted weaning weight.

DanBred in-farm solutions recommend:

  • Get basics in place by adopting a strategic approach
  • Focus skilled workers to tasks, where their skills are needed
  • Use focused and updated KPI’s in the farm management


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Benchmark KPI's

Achieving towering productivity is not only reserved for traditionally high-performance countries such as Denmark. Increasingly, local productions are investing in training the employees and adopting focused KPIs.

The table shows the benchmark KPIs for productions using DanBred Hybrid. The figures reveal that great results are achieved both within and outside Denmark.

Country Liveborn Stillborn Weaned / litter PW Mortality Weaned / S / Y Weaned Weight
Denmark 16.9 1.8 14.6 13.6 33.3 6.5
Denmark Top 25% 17.7 1.8 15.6 11.8 36 6.2
France 17.5 1.5 14.8 15.6 36.2 -
The Netherlands 16.6 1.7 14.2 14.5 33.4 -
Belgium 16.1 2.0 14.1 13.0 33.7 -

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