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Our breeding work focuses on three breeds: DanBred Landrace (LL), DanBred Yorkshire (YY), and DanBred Duroc (DD). These three breeds form the basis of the DanBred crossbreeding programme.

The three purebred breeds are carefully chosen to ensure that the full advantage will reach your production. DanBred Landrace (LL) and DanBred Yorkshire (YY) are supreme as dam lines, and DanBred Hybrid is a first cross between the two. In our crossbreeding programme, we cross the DanBred Duroc (DD) boar with the DanBred Hybrid sow – and the result is world-class finishers.

Our goal is a more sustainable pig production and a better bottom line for you as a pig producer. And our continuous progress results in direct profitability for you.

Meet our superior performers

When you choose our DNA, your business will also benefit from our genetic progress.

DanBred Landrace

Known to produce large litters of vital piglets, because of her good mothering abilities.

DanBred Yorkshire

Known for her excellent mothering abilities, which means she produces large litters of vital piglets and high meat quality.

DanBred Duroc

Known to produce finisher with superior efficiency and meat quality. He makes your business highly competitive, giving you more pork for less costs.

DanBred Hybrid

Known to be the ideal choice for the production of optimal finishers – and she produces many full-value pigs.

The effects of crossbreeding

Our crossbreeding programme is carefully structured to ensure that the full advantage reaches your production.

DanBred’s crossbreeding programme is structured into two levels:

On the first level, DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire are crossed, resulting in the DanBred Hybrid production sow.

On the second level, DanBred Hybrid is crossed with DanBred Duroc. And the result is the world-class finishers for which DanBred is known all over the world.

Hybrid breeding is very beneficial, because crossbreeding provides heterosis; this means that the genetic level of a hybrid-animal is even better than the average of its parents. The combination of the DanBred Hybrid sow’s genetic potential for high fertility and DanBred Duroc’s potential for high growth, effective feed conversion, and good meat percentage results in large viable litters with uniform growth and excellent meat quality.

You choose which level of the crossbreeding programme you want to start on. You can start on the second level by purchasing young DanBred Hybrid-gilts and DanBred Duroc-semen for the production of weaners or finishers. You can also start on the first level and produce your own young DanBred Hybrid gilts for weaner or finisher production – here, our on-farm genetic advantage programme, GenePro, will help you ensure high genetic gain in your production.

DanBred GenePro is our on-farm genetic advantage programme – for herds breeding their own gilts. It is designed specifically to ensure genetic gain and maintain high health in your herds.

Generations of excellent genes

Our more than 120 years of experience with targeted breeding has made our breeding animals the best in the world, and that directly benefits your production!

Our  professional Research & Development department at Danish Agriculture & Food Council is constantly working to improve the high genetic level of our breeding animals. And only the best breeding animals are selected generation by generation for further breeding. This results in continuous genetic progress, and that genetic progress manifests in your production 1:1.

Our breeding programme results in productivity that is significantly higher than our competitors’. DanBred breeding animals are characterised by high fertility, large viable litters, outstanding feed conversion, low slaughter loss, and a high meat percentage.

We aim to ensure the right balance in our breeding work for sustainable genetic progress that contributes to high productivity and efficiency in pig productions worldwide. 

We achieve this balance through three elements: Productivity, Reproduction and Robustness.

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