Organised pig breeding has existed in Denmark since the 1890s. Today, DanBred runs a modern, unique and highly effective breeding system, which makes sure the best breeding animals are always available to pig producers.

The best breeding animals are selected generation by generation for further breeding. Selection is made based on the results of production, fertility and slaughter traits exhibited throughout the entire DanBred population. Our aim is to make sure all DanBred breeding animals meet the requirements set by professional pig producers all over the world at any given time.

Our breeding programme results in productivity that is significantly higher than our competitors’. DanBred breeding animals are characterised by high fertility, large viable litters, outstanding feeding conversion, low slaughter loss and a high meat percentage. Each day, our professional development department at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Pig Production, works to optimise breeding so that DanBred stays ahead of the competition.


At DanBred, we focus on health and high genetic quality. Our breeding work concentrates on three breeds: DanBred Landrace (LL), DanBred Yorkshire (YY) and DanBred Duroc (DD). These three breeds form the basis of the DanBred crossbreeding programme.

DanBred Landrace (LL) and DanBred Yorkshire (YY) are supreme as dam lines in the crossbreeding program. The breeds combine high fertility, good mothering abilities and high longevity to create the perfect DanBred Hybrid (LY or YL), which is a first cross between a DanBred Landrace and a DanBred Yorkshire. The hybrid is ideal as a basis for the production of finishers.

We use the DanBred Duroc (DD) in our crossbreeding programme.as a sire line for the production of finishers. The DanBred Duroc features optimum growth, effective feed conversion and delivers premium meat quality. Crossing the DanBred Duroc boar with the DanBred Hybrid sow has a positive effect on the production economy.


DanBred Landrace is one of the female breeds in the DanBred crossbreeding system. DanBred Landrace has a high fertility and good mothering abilities, and it is known to produce large litters of robust pigs. Additionally, DanBred Landrace is a strong animal with solid legs and a high lean meat percentage.


DanBred Yorkshire is the other female breed in the DanBred crossbreeding system. DanBred Yorkshire is characterised by its good mothering abilities, and it produces large litters of uniform and vigorous piglets. Furthermore, DanBred Yorkshire has a high daily gain, high feed efficiency and a good meat quality, which makes this breed extremely effective for the production of pork.

DanBred DUROC (DD)

DanBred Duroc is the most competitive terminal sire and is used in the DanBred crossbreeding system for production of DanBred finishers. DanBred Duroc contributes to large litters as well as fast-growing finishers with low feed conversion ratio and a high lean meat percentage. Furthermore, DanBred Duroc produces carcasses with an excellent meat quality, as the breed has been genetically improved through decades of targeted selection, especially in relation to lean meat percentage and slaughter loss.

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DanBred Hybrid is a first cross between DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. It is the optimal dam line and the most prolific hybrid for production of optimal finishers, which ensures high efficiency in the production by combining the best traits. DanBred Hybrid has an even temper and excellent mothering abilities as well as a good longevity. The breed produces large viable litters of robust pigs, which grow fast and have a high feed efficiency all the way to slaughter, and when crossed with DanBred Duroc, the offspring will inherit all these traits as well as an excellent meat quality.

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