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Genetic partnerships

DanBred is synonymous with modern pig breeding. Breeding based on years of research and development, which provides pig producers all over the world with the best conditions for operating a strong and competitive business.

Every week, a breeding index is calculated for each breeding animal in the DanBred breeding system. The breeding index expresses the expected economic production value of the animal considering all the traits in our breeding goal together. The breeding index is composed of various sub-indexes that express the genetic value for each trait in the breeding goal. Weighting the sub-indexes by their economic value results in the total breeding index.

The breeding index is calculated weekly using data from individual testing, pedigree and genomic information from DNA testing. The calculation is continuous, so only the most recent information is included in the breeding index for the DanBred breeding animals.

In the breeding index for DanBred breeding animals, the entire population has a breeding index of 100 as an average. A DanBred breeding animal with a greater genetic potential than the average will have a breeding index above 100. This means the animal has a larger economic production value. So, a high breeding index will result in a more efficient production economy and a herd with a higher genetic potential.

It is all about the genes – and ours continue to be improved!

When you choose our DNA, your business will also benefit from our genetic progress.

Research & genetic development

Our professional Research & Development department is constantly working to improve the high genetic level of our breeding animals. This results in continuous genetic progress. And that genetic progress manifests in your pigs 1:1. 

Our goal is a more sustainable pig production and a better bottom line for you as a pig producer. And if you are not a part of DanBred, you quickly lack behind our continuous progress.

DanBred GenePro is our on-farm genetic advantage programme – for herds breeding their own gilts. It is designed specifically to ensure genetic gain and maintain high health in your herds.

Genetic advantage programmes

With our In-farm Solutions, you get direct access to our experts’ professional advice, so you can achieve high-quality results and increased efficiency in your production.

Here, theory and practice go hand in hand.

Genetic performance care & training

The success of DanBred is only as good as our ability to transfer knowledge to our partners. That is why the DanBred Academy offers you a unique training opportunity!

Through the DanBred online and on-farm training programmes, you get the chance to learn from the best.

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