DanBred Yorkshire

DanBred Yorkshire is characterised by its good mothering abilities and produces large litters of uniform and vigorous piglets. In addition to that, DanBred Yorkshire has a high daily gain, high feed efficiency and high meat quality, which makes this breed extremely effective for the production of pork.

DanBred Yorkshire originates from England and has been part of the Danish Pig Breeding Programme since the beginning of the 1970s.

DanBred Yorkshire is the result of decades of professional selection, where breeders, since the early 1970s, have focused on daily gain, feed conversion, longevity, fertility and meat quality.

7 Facts

Produce uniform litters of robust and vigorous piglets

High nursing capacity and weaning rates of own piglets

Continuous improvements in genetic progress for daily gain

Strong animals with solid legs and high longevity

Continuous improvements in genetic gain for feed conversion

Ongoing selected for high lean meat, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers

Traits contribute to high-quality pork production

danbred landrace

Danbred Yorkshire is a supreme dam line for DanBred’s crossbreeding programme.

DanBred’s crossbreeding programme is constantly optimised to make sure our genetic progress results in an efficient pig production worldwide. This is not only profitable for the producers it also contributes to a more sustainable production – by producing maximum output with minimum input.

DanBred Yorkshire Breeding Goal


Daily gain (birth to 30 kg)

Daily gain (30 kg to slaughter)

Feed conversion

Killing out

Lean meat percentage



Survival (piglet effect)

Piglet vitality (direct effect)





Litter size (direct effect)


DanBred purebred populations are:

Key figures

DanBred D(LY) finishers have superior meat quality (90 kg) as evidenced by:

2.57 %

High content of intramascular fat


High level of pH-24-96 h post mortem

Research indicates that since the RN and Halothane genes have been removed from the DanBred breeds decades ago, pH no longer influences production yield, which is why pH is no longer part of the DanBred breeding goals.
DanBred D(LY) finishers have excellent performance results (30-100 kg) as evidenced by:

1,128 g

World-class growth rates

62.5 %

Eminent lean meat percentage

2.27 kg feed / kg gain

Superior feed conversion ratio

Superior performance results

In total, around 100,000 DanBred breeding animals are performance and genomic tested.

DanBred carries out performance testing of the future AI boars both at the DanBred boar testing station Bøgildgård, and in DanBred’s nucleus herds, and we openly share this updated data every year. With more than 30 years of experience collecting data on boar production traits and feed efficiency, DanBred can select the best genes, and only the highest performing boars with optimum index are sent to AI, where they father the pigs of the future.

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