Balanceret avl for fremtiden

Balanced breeding for the future

There are many wishes and requirements for livestock production today, including pig production. Sustainability, efficiency, health and welfare for the pigs must all come together.


Breeding for profit

We need to be smart about our production costs, including labour costs. Even when we consider labour costs, DanBred genetics contribute to a higher return

Pigs arrive in China

DanBred exports 2,000 pigs to China

DanBred is proud to announce that we have successfully exported 2,000 purebred DanBred Landrace, DanBred Yorkshire, and DanBred Duroc pigs to our partner East Hope

DanBred boar testing station Bøgildgård

Our genetics are constantly evolving

With data measurements of more than 100,000 young breeding animals every year, we ensure that DanBred finisher pigs are constantly improving. The results from our

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