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Optimized local environment for piglet will decrease the piglet mortality

To ensure higher piglet survival, we must optimize their local environment. A good environment will protect the piglets from freezing – when piglets are freezing, they will use their energy on keeping warm instead of on growing. A nice and warm creep area will also lead the piglets away from the sow, so the risk of being crushed is minimized. This article reviews several points to ensure a good local environment. The recommendations are based on many years of research and experience from swine veterinarians in Denmark.   Room temperature A piglet is born from a warm sow at 37 …

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Good practice for moving and delivery conditions of pigs

Read in this article about important focus points according to moving pigs in the farm or loading trucks. These recommendations are entirely the writer’s attitude and experience gained after experience working in pig farm, experience in controlling exports abroad and through with farmers and experience in handling animals as a veterinarian. When working with animals, it is an interplay between animals and humans. Pigs are independent beings and therefore we as humans must motivate the animal to do what we want them to do. In a relocation situation we need to motivate the animal to move forward. We partly use …

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Biosecurity rules for farm staff and visitors

By Inger Morthorst Møller, on behalf of DanBred. In previous articles, we have reviewed how we avoid getting unwanted infection into the herd, but it is also obvious that we cannot keep a farm completely sealed. Therefore, thorough and clear rules for farm staff and visitors to the herd must be introduced, complied with, and controlled. Visit protocol In many farms, it is standard practice that the visitors sign a visitor logbook, in which their last visited herd is noted, the date, and possibly known diseases/SPF-status in the herd. In that way, it might be easier to explain a new …

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Bridging the physical and virtual worlds

DanBred is leaping into the digital era as one of the first pig breeding companies to introduce Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA). This technology will enable farm management to visually collaborate with people outside of the farm without any physical interaction – increasing biosecurity, decreasing the amount of travel needed, strengthening collaborations, and generally improving efficiency!   DanBred is always working on new innovative solutions to improve biosecurity. One of the solutions we have been focusing on, is to limit the spread of infections by limiting the amount of people visiting multiple herds. When COVID-19 put a stop to travelling, …

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Avoiding the spread of viruses – Internal Biosecurity

By Inger Morthorst Møller, on behalf of DanBred. Where external biosecurity is all about protecting the production from introducing pathogens into the herd, internal biosecurity is about reducing or avoiding the spread of bacteria and viruses between age groups for pathogens that are already present within the production. The ever-growing herd sizes place greater demands on the procedures within and organization of the herds. When many animals are housed in the same location, the infection pressure can increase, and the animals’ immunity can be impaired, which leads to an outbreak of disease – however, a few simple measures can reduce …

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The advantage of a correct vaccination setup

By Inger Morthorst Møller, on behalf of DanBred. Vaccines are extremely important aids for preventing diseases and the economic losses associated with disease outbreaks in modern pig production. Still, it is important to understand that vaccines and vaccination programmes must be carefully planned and professionally handled with attention and precision to achieve the full benefit. The article will describe the background for vaccinations and how this is best handled also in the unlikely event that a mistake happens.   What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. Thus, …

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