DanBred Duroc makes your business highly competitive, giving you more pork for less costs!

DanBred Duroc is used as the terminal sire in the DanBred cross-breeding program, where the performance is excellent in combination with the DanBred Hybrid.


DanBred Duroc produces large litters as well as fast growing finisher pigs with low feed conversion ratio and a high lean meat percentage. As an extra benefit DanBred Duroc produces carcasses with an excellent meat quality.

Robust & uniform

Progeny are robust and have uniform growth rates from birth to slaughter

High survival rates

Produce litters with high survival rates and vigorous piglets

High lean meat

Ongoing selected for high lean meat, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers

Most profitable

The world’s most profitable and environmentally efficient terminal boar line

Superior daily gain

Progeny have superior daily gain from birth to slaughter and the best feed efficiency

Exceptional meat quality

Finisher carcasses have exceptional meat quality: pH, color and IMF

Easy to handle

Progeny are easy to handle and highly social, leading to higher animal welfare

DanBred Duroc originates from North America, but the race was imported to Denmark in the 1970s.

Through decades of professional selection, the breed has been genetically improved particularly in regard to meat percentage and slaughter loss. The DanBred Duroc is the most competitive terminal sire, and below you will find just a few of the most important and documented reasons why.

When using Danbred Duroc as the terminal sire, our customers not only get more pork for less costs but in addition high class pork quality that is in high demand around the world.

Efficient genetics, like DanBred Duroc is not only profitable for the producer, but also makes major contribution to reducing carbon footprint from pork production.


DanBred Duroc D(LY) progeny are:

  • Stronger and more robust
  • Born in bigger litters due to high male fertility

DanBred D(LY) finishers have excellent performance results (30-100 kg) as evidenced by:

World class growth rates, daily gain:


Superior feed conversion ratio:

kg feed/kg gain

Eminent lean meat percentage:


DanBred D(LY) finishers have superior meat quality (90 kg) as evidenced by:

High content of intramuscular fat:


High level of pH 24–96 h post mortem:

High sensory evaluation of juiciness, tenderness and flavour

Bonus information:

Research indicates that since the RN and Halothane genes have been removed from the DanBred breeds decades ago, pH no longer influences production yield, which is why pH is no longer part of the DanBred breeding goals.


Feed conversion
45 %
Daily gain 30 kg to slaughter
22 %
Lean meat percentage
11 %
7 %
Fertility & Survival, paternal effect
6 %
Daily gain birth to 30kg
5 %
Killing out
4 %

Average performance results

In total around 100,000 DanBred breeding animals are performance and genomic tested.

Average production for boar testing station Bøgildgård
Average production results achieved by DanBred boars in Nucleus herds
Average production results achieved by DanBred females (gilts) in Nucleus herds
Daily gain, g/day, 30 kg – slaughter
Feed conversion, kg feed/kg gain, 30 kg – slaughter
Daily gain, g/day, birth – 30 kg
Lean meat percentage
Conformation, points
Killing out percentage
Scanning measurement, mm
Scanning weight, kg


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