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At Spøttrup, a professional pig production in Jutland, Denmark, they place survival as the top priority – and it shows on the entire production. They are a testiment that you can achieve outstanding results with just few employees, as long as you have the correct, simple routines at hand. 

On-farm training – LATAM

All of the participants in this group are advisors in their local markets, where they help support customers regarding best management practices. So, the training programme was tailor-made to fit these needs.


Here, you can find one of Denmark’s best producers of finisher pigs: Lundegaard. The farm only produces 5,000 finishers a year, nevertheless, the ambition is clear: to be the best. And for three years in a row, this farm has been declared the best finisher pig producer on the island!

Earl L’oree Du Bois

From the farrowing of the first DanBred gilts, I knew I had made the right choice! Farrowing is easy, they have great prolificacy, and the DanBred sows produce a lot of milk. From 2017 to 2021, I went from 11.7 to 15.8 weaned pigs per litter. That’s four more weaned pigs per litter in just four years! To put it another way, it’s 10 more weaned piglets per sow per year.



In idyllic surroundings in southern Jutland, Denmark, you can find one of DanBred’s valuable and loyal partners: Kongstedgaard, owned by Jes Meldgaard Philipsen, who has relied on DanBred genetics for many years. He owns a multiplication, with a little over 400 sows, as well as a finisher farm.

on-farm training

On-Farm training with DanBred Academy at Sneverholt

The DanBred Academy is our knowledge universe, which now offers all DanBred partners the possibility to participate in On-farm Training. With DanBred’s On-farm Training programme, you gain practical knowledge of how to systemise and efficiently run a pig operation that utilises the full potential of DanBred genetics.

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New chairman of the board of DanBred

The owners of DanBred have appointed Truels Damsgaard as new chairman of the board. Andreas Lundby will continue as member of the board.   Today,

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