We deliver world-class pig genetics and extensive service solutions to professional pig producers worldwide.

High-growth pig producers around the world choose DanBred

For optimal and predictable business results, based on a foundation of well-documented genetics and a comprehensive service solution offering.

We have a world-class breeding system

More than 100 years of targeted, focused work selecting and breeding the right pigs has given the Danish pig a great advantage over its competitors.

The Danish pig breeding system has existed since the end of the 19th century. 

We are the first breeding company in the world to use genomic information

From 100 % of GGP and GP animals when calculating index. This makes the DanBred index the most modern in the world – very accurate and highly reliable.

DanBred Manuals

We represent healthy animals, innovation, transparency and knowledge sharing.

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In 2018, DanBred launched our manuals, a complete guide to handling DanBred gilts.

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DanBred Manuals are available for all, either online or in our app.


We want to be a top three leading company on the global market for provision of pig genetics and affiliated customer-centric solutions.

DanBred P/S is owned by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Agro and Holdingselskabet DBI A/S (formerly known as DanBred International A/S).

Your business.
Our DNA.


To provide superior value to our customers through high-quality and high ROI genetic solutions designed to meet customer needs better than all other alternatives.


Claus Fertin


Executive Assistant

DanBred Americas

DanBred LLC


Market Development, Europe

DanBred France

DanBred GmbH

DanBred BV / Klasse Ki

DanBred BVBA

South East Asia

DanBred Spain

DanBred China

Service, Solutions & GenePro

Business, support & Project Management

Customer Services

Solutions & Supply Management

GenePro, Product Management & Genetics

DanBred Academy

Marketing & Communications

KAM & Solution Sale




Sale & Procurement DK & International (vacant)

Supplier Relation & Quality


Business intelligence, Analysis & Reporting




Office & Service

Board of Directors


Andreas Lundby

DBI Holding 

Vice Chairman

Søren Foged Overgaard

Danish Agriculture & Food Council →

Vice Chairman

Peter Iversen

Danish Agro →

Board member

Lotte Broholm Andersen

Danish Agro →

Board member

Jørgen Holm Westergaard

DBI Holding 

Board member

Allan V. Pedersen

Danish Agriculture & Food Council →

Board member

Trine Lund Pedersen


Board member

Jan Nielsen


Whistleblower policy

A confidential channel for all our employees, as well as all representatives, subsidiaries, agents and distributors.

The system called Got Ethics is hosted on global secure servers and is not a part of DanBred’s website or intranet. Any claims you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible in conducting a thorough investigation. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can accommodate calls in more than 75 languages, and you can submit a claim anonymously (depending on your location.)


It allows you to raise concerns about possible breaches of laws and/or DanBred Code of Conduct in the following areas:

  • Money Laundering
  • Corruption
  • Foreign trade controls
  • Retaliation
  • Insider trading
  • Competition law
  • IT security
  • Data security
  • Threats to health, safety, and environment
  • Sexual harassment or discrimination


Once you submit a report via phone or web you receive a report key and a password for follow-ups on your submission. Your report is initially reviewed by Group management established Integrity committee who determine further action.

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Make a difference

DanBred has an ambitious growth plan, so we need some of the world’s best talents in sales, administration, genetics, consulting, marketing, PR and finance.

We are a busy company, and if you think you can help us, please upload your CV along with a short description of yourself and your primary competences to our online portal.

If you have previously worked in the pig business, or speak one or more foreign languages, it’s a definite advantage, but we are wide open – as long as you are really good at what you do. If we see a match, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Мы можем помочь вам перейти на генетику DanBred и организовать поставки, транспорт и многое другое. Назначьте время, и мы позвоним, когда вам удобно.


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