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Increased productivity DanBred’s 5 quick tips for gilts To ensure that your gilts achieve optimal strength and fertility, we would like to share some of

At DanBred, we offer a comprehensive range of service solutions that help our customers utilise the full potential of our products – but are the results as good as claimed? See for yourself.

The DanBred Finisher Manual is aimed at productions growing pigs all the way or some of the way from wean to finish. The manual introduces evidence-based recommendations for best practice management and feeding with the aim to market full value DanBred finishers.

To ensure that you select the best gilts for the next generation, we would like to sharesome of DanBred’s best recommendations.

The productivity of your animals has a direct impact on the economic profit for you as a pig producer. 

Case stories

At Spøttrup, a professional pig production in Jutland, Denmark, they place survival as the top priority – and it shows on the entire production. They are a testiment that you can achieve outstanding results with just few employees, as long as you have the correct, simple routines at hand. 

All of the participants in this group are advisors in their local markets, where they help support customers regarding best management practices. So, the training programme was tailor-made to fit these needs.

Here, you can find one of Denmark’s best producers of finisher pigs: Lundegaard. The farm only produces 5,000 finishers a year, nevertheless, the ambition is clear: to be the best. And for three years in a row, this farm has been declared the best finisher pig producer on the island!


DanBred conducts DNA testing on all breeding animals, resulting in an increase of 30 % in genetic gain – a benefit that is available for everyone who uses DanBred genetics in their production.

Our goal is to ensure the right balance between all traits in the breeding goal for sustainable genetic progress that contributes to high productivity and efficiency in pig productions worldwide.

Christian Fink from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council explains the development in economic progress in the Danish pig production, as well as the reasons and R&D behind Denmark being the leading country on cost pr produced kg pork in a high-cost country.

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