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DanBred strengthens its position in North America even further

More than 120 years of breeding work combined with excellent local knowledge and similar core values: the match was evident from the beginning. The original Danish pig breeding system has returned to North America with the establishment of the subsidiary DanBred Canada. DanBred is pleased to announce its collaboration with the established Alliance Genetics Canada, which will give the Canadian pig producers direct access to the world’s best breeding engine. The collaboration between the two genetics companies will ensure that the Canadian pig producers get local access to the world-class breeding engine of DanBred. The strategic step to establish a

New breeding goals increases profitability significantly for DanBred’s customers

With the latest cutting-edge update to the breeding goals from the DanBred R&D, we yet again consolidate our leading position on number of produced pigs with superior feed efficiency and highest daily gain – and continued focus on the robustness of both the sows as well as the piglets. More weaned pigs per sow We are proud to announce improved breeding goals, which include new superior traits that will increase the number of weaned pigs per sow, mainly by improving the piglet survivability. The approach is unique, because it includes the piglet’s own genetic potential, instead of merely looking at

DanBred multiplication in Romania

DanBred is pleased to announce that we have successfully delivered animals to a new, modern multiplication in Romania. This project has been under way for several years, and we are excited to be able to offer our world-class breeding animals to farmers in Romania from a local production site. DanBred has just stocked our first multiplication in the heart of Romania; and we are proud that the Romanian pig producers will get easy access to the DanBred pigs’ efficiency and productivity going forward. When the multiplication is up and running, we expect it will have 400 sows and produce 3,700-4,000

Claus Fertin, CEO

DanBred wants to get closer to our partners

DanBred is pleased to announce the new organisational structure of the company. This updated structure is designed to bring DanBred even closer to its partners, which will improve knowledge sharing and ensure that all partners can achieve the maximum performance from DanBred’s world-class genetics.   DanBred’s new organisational structure reflects the current market situation and will support the company’s overall strategy by allowing the local teams around the world to reinforce the relationships with the partners in the different markets. “It is of highest importance that we – as an international company with extensive growth plans – have an updated

DanBred shuts down all activities in Russia

The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused DanBred to terminate all activities in the subsidiary in Russia, DanBred LLC. Due to the increasing sanctions and to ensure the safety of our employees, we have decided to not only stop all trade with Russia, but to also shut down all activities for the subsidiary and employees in Russia.   “So far, we’ve kept it open, but now, we terminate all activities for the subsidiary in Russia. This will affect a number of customers in Russia, so it’s pretty serious. We also have Danish-owned customers who will be affected by this.

DanBred establishes subsidiary in Belgium

DanBred is pleased to announce that it will establish a subsidiary in Belgium. With the establishment of DanBred Belgium, we become a completely integrated part of the Belgian market and are able to develop even closer relations with the customers.   A crucial part of DanBred’s strategy, Next Level DanBred, is to increase local market presence in all relevant markets. Therefore, we are focused on building and consolidating a strong structure of customer-centric subsidiaries throughout the world – now, this also includes Belgium. “Belgium is an essential market for us, so this is simply a market where we have to

About DanBred

DanBred P/S is owned by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Agro and Holdingselskabet DBI A/S (formerly known as DanBred International A/S)

DanBred is the first breeding company in the world to use genomic information from 100% of GGP and GP animals when calculating index. This makes the DanBred index the most modern in the world, very accurate and highly reliable.

DanBred Air-conditioned trucks

Every year, DanBred exports thousands of breeding animals from Danish breeding and multiplication herds to pig producers worldwide. In Europe, they are transported in DanBred’s trucks approved by the Danish Health Management System (SPF-SuS).

A little more than one year ago, DanBred expanded this fleet with a new type of trailer with integrated air-conditioning, UV system, temperature sensors, CO2 and moisture meters, as well as solar cells on the roof. These functions are all designed specifically to ensure sustainable transportation with an emphasis on animal welfare and health.

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