DanBred is first in the industry with a new innovative tool

DanBred is now ready with a new innovative tool that allows you to get instant support from our experts – without compromising biosecurity or health and saving travel time as well as carbon emissions. Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA) opens the doors to the stables, wherever you are in the world.


DanBred has already begun deploying the innovative tool, ARRA, which is easy to use – all you need is the app called Remote Eye or a pair of DanBred Glasses.


DanBred glasses Expert support with DanBred Glasses

Our ARRA-tool is very straightforward to use – all it requires is a pair of the DanBred Glasses or simply installing an app on your phone. The viewers can see exactly what the on-farm team can see in real time. 


Increasing biosecurity worldwide

Biosecurity is a highly important topic in our industry at a time when swine fever is present and where viral diseases are generally challenging and desired to be eliminated. DanBred is always working on new innovative solutions to improve biosecurity, and this solution focusses on securing on-farm health by limiting the amount of people visiting multiple herds – while still maintaining the great collaborations with our valuable partners.


The deployment of ARRA is a cooperation with Innomize. It all began when COVID-19 put a stop to travelling, which meant that most visits to our partners around the world were put on hold. Tanja Jensen, Head of Selection & Quality in DanBred, explains: “We needed to be able to get some eyes on our pigs and take our customers or partners to visit without them being here physically. This led to the collaboration with the company Innomize.


The new technology helps us meet the high biosecurity requirements in the industry, while reducing the amount of travel conducted by both employees and partners, thus, contributing to lowering carbon emissions. Since deploying the ARRA-tool, our partners have already seen time savings of up to several days, including the quarantine time for a farm visit, and our employees save a minimum of 12-48 hours per farm visit.


DanBred is one of the first in its industry to adopt assisted reality. The technology is providing them with a huge advantage, where they can be present at all times for their customers, reducing carbon emissions and the risk of disease spreading,” says Jon Arnold, Vice President of EMEA, RealWear Inc.


Easy and efficient support

Our ARRA-tool can do a lot, but it is very straightforward to use – all it requires is a pair of the DanBred Glasses or simply installing an app on your phone. Then, the farm management record the live video streams using a smartphone or the DanBred Glasses (specifically designed for the purpose). All that is required of those on the other end, viewing the pig population, is that they have a computer or tablet ready. The viewers can see exactly what the on-farm team can see, and they can access tools that enable them to talk and interact directly with the on-farm team in real time. “It is our eyes inside the stables to provide fast and effective advice, here and now,” says Tanja Jensen.


This means that the on-farm personnel can display the pigs virtually and in real time, so the status of the animals can be evaluated by DanBred – and our experts can provide fast and effective support straight away. Søren S. Thuesen, Head of Solutions & Supply Management in DanBred, says: “If there’s a challenge in a stable, DanBred can be there straight away without the need to travel, which saves a considerable amount of time. This helps us be more agile from that perspective, while assuring our customers that we can come to their aid very quickly.


The new tool can also be used for selection of gilts and boars, where DanBred expects it will save a lot of time, limit travel activities for the company’s partners, and, again, improve biosecurity in the herds. Tanja Jensen emphasises that it has to be easy to work with in the farms. Therefore, it is also a great advantage that the glasses are 100 % voice controlled, where a small speaker and microphone makes it possible to speak through the glasses.


The solution is easy to access – you just turn on the glasses with a single voice command, then DanBred can easily connect directly,” explains Johnny Djurslev, Company Owner of Innomize.


The innovative DanBred ARRA-tool makes it simple and easy to visually collaborate with people outside the farm, all the while, it also brings farm management, partners and DanBred closer together, as it makes it a lot easier to visit the farm. Altogether, sustainable, cost-efficient service and selection delivered directly from DanBred.




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