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DanBred is leaping into the digital era as one of the first pig breeding companies to introduce Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA). This technology will enable farm management to visually collaborate with people outside of the farm without any physical interaction – increasing biosecurity, decreasing the amount of travel needed, strengthening collaborations, and generally improving efficiency!


DanBred is always working on new innovative solutions to improve biosecurity. One of the solutions we have been focusing on, is to limit the spread of infections by limiting the amount of people visiting multiple herds. When COVID-19 put a stop to travelling, particularly across national borders, DanBred intensified the focus on how to limit the amount of physical presence on farms, while still maintaining the great collaborations with the costumers. Now, we are happy to announce that DanBred has teamed up with Innomize to make our vision come true, as Innomize are experienced professionals within the ARRA software. The ARRA tool will be a beneficial supplement to DanBred Partner Service, our Solutions team, and our Selection team, where professional guidance and expert advice are always within reach.


Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

DanBred’s ARRA technology is very straightforward to use, and does not entail a lot of different devices. The farm management simply record the live video streams using a smartphone or the ARRA-glasses (specifically designed for the purpose). All that is required of those on the other end, viewing the pig population, is that they have a computer or tablet ready. The viewers can see exactly what the on-farm team can see, and they can access tools that enable them to talk and interact directly with the on-farm team in real-time. Our vision is to offer our customers participation in live on-site selection, let them engage in live on-farm training, or have anybody tag along at farm visits from the comfort of their own office.


danbred arra danbred arra with piglets
The viewers, not physically present on the farm, can lean back and watch everything live from their computer screen.


DanBred has already successfully tested the setup and used it for selection, where the customer joined without being physically present on site. Support, advice, and guidance were supplied in real-time – from Denmark directly to the farm management.


Increase operational efficiency

Biosecurity is an important – and present – factor to consider right now, as any disease has negative health and economic consequences. The ARRA tool extends the way we deliver selection, technical services, and on-farm visits without risking infections. Additionally, the technology reduces the need for travelling and quarantine, which makes it possible to visit multiple farms in one day. This will considerably improve efficiency – and of course save travel time and expenses.

Although this technology enables virtual encounters, it also brings farm management and partners closer together, as it will make it a lot easier to visit the farm. Moreover, the technology makes it faster and easier to invite DanBred’s technical service managers into the stable, e.g. to offer professional help on how DanBred’s breeding animals realize the full potential. Altogether, sustainable, cost-efficient service and selection delivered directly from DanBred.


innomize arra glasses

Tanja Jensen  from DanBred wearing Innomize’s ARRA-glasses during selection.


If you are interested in other ways to improve the health status of a pig population, you can read more on external biosecurity here.


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