DanBred strengthens its position in North America even further

The original Danish pig breeding system has returned to North America with the establishment of the subsidiary DanBred Canada.

More than 120 years of breeding work combined with excellent local knowledge and similar core values: the match was evident from the beginning. The original Danish pig breeding system has returned to North America with the establishment of the subsidiary DanBred Canada. DanBred is pleased to announce its collaboration with the established Alliance Genetics Canada, which will give the Canadian pig producers direct access to the world’s best breeding engine.

The collaboration between the two genetics companies will ensure that the Canadian pig producers get local access to the world-class breeding engine of DanBred. The strategic step to establish a new subsidiary – in a new market – has been underway for a few months and fits well with DanBred’s ambition to get even closer to its customers worldwide by increasing local market presence in all relevant markets.


This valued partnership will strengthen DanBred Canada’s position in the Canadian market. Alliance Genetics Canada becomes a part of DanBred’s world-class breeding system:

“Our focus is always on how to better the product we deliver to our customers, and this partnership is what we needed to take our local expertise the next step."

On top of that, DanBred will benefit from Alliance Genetics Canada’s strong position as a trusted partner, as well as its established customer base and solid knowledge of the Canadian pig industry.

The collaboration is a natural extension of Alliance Genetics Canada’s clear ambition to always work towards making its customers more successful.

“We’re very excited about this partnership. It was actually quite easy to agree on the collaboration with Alliance Genetics Canada, because we share the same values, e.g., ensuring the largest profitability for the pig producers and a strong focus on high health and biosecurity.”

DanBred is confident that this alliance will contribute with increased efficiency and profit for the Canadian pig producers.

For more than 120 years, DanBred’s professional R&D department has focused on optimising pig breeding and genetic improvements. And every year, € 20 mil. goes into the R&D work. The continuous progress has resulted in the most productive breeding animals in the world: producing maximum output with minimum input. And the large breeding engine behind the genetics company is evident from the results. DanBred genetics have improved at a rapid rate over many years – and these advancements are only available from the original pig genetics from Denmark. This is what the professional pig producers in Canada will now gain access to through DanBred Canada. Moreover, it is a great advantage that DanBred Canada will not be starting from scratch but can instead build on top of years of focused work in the market.


Current and potential customers in Canada can reach out directly to Dave Vandenbroek at [email protected] or +1 519 673 9574 to discuss future business opportunities.  


For further press information, please visit: DanBred press



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