New chairman of the board of DanBred

The owners of DanBred have appointed Truels Damsgaard as new chairman of the board. Andreas Lundby will continue as member of the board.


Today, Truels Damsgaard have been appointed as new chairman of the board of DanBred. Truels Damsgaard is taking over from Andreas Lundby, who took the position as chairman of the board at a critical time for the company.


Andreas Lundby will continue as member of the board of DanBred, and he is satisfied that DanBred as a company is ready for a new chairman of the board to take over.


I took over the position as chairman of the board of DanBred at a very critical time for the company. I have had a sharp focus on the internal operations of DanBred and on rebuilding the trust among the employees and the confidence of our business partners. It takes time to rebuild trust and confidence. The work has begun under my leadership, and I am satisfied that Truels Damsgaard will now take over this important work combined with an ambitious view on the future which shall build on the company’s already strong position within breeding and genetics, says Andreas Lundby.


The new chairman of the board, Truels Damsgaard, stepped at the end of October down as CEO of the seed group, DLF, after holding the position as CEO for 16 years. DLF has under the leadership of Truels Damsgaard developed into a global market leader in the seed industry in the full value chain from plant breeding to sales and distribution, additionally DLF has continuously developed the group’s areas of business. These records will now be put into play when DanBred are to develop and strengthen its global position within breeding and genetics.


DanBred has been through challenging times and the company is still rebuilding itself. I am looking forward to taking over the leadership of the board and contribute to the continued rebuilding of the company and to focus on what DanBred does best; breeding and genetics that creates a better and more sustainable production of pigs and pork in Denmark as well as globally, says Truels Damsgaard chairman of the board, DanBred.


For more information, please contact Frank Remme, Head of Marketing and Communications, DanBred, at [email protected] or +45 60 37 08 89.



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