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Superior performance data

Our continued breeding progress results in direct profitability for you. We constantly optimise on all areas that can create a positive difference for your business, so we can continue to represent the most efficient animals in the world. And we gladly share our results with you!

Genetic gain is not only affected by the economic value of the traits in the breeding goal, but also by a number of other factors such as, the trait’s heritability, genetic variation, the scope of testing and selection intensity, along with the shared genetic correlations of the traits. The DanBred Breeding System is based on large populations of purebred DanBred LandraceDanBred Yorkshire and DanBred Duroc as well as a broad scope for performance testing.

Latest performance data from DanBred nucleus breeding stock

Find the results from 2021 for DanBred Duroc, DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire

DanBred boars in nucleus herds, 2021

DanBred boars at the DanBred testing station Bøgildgård, 2021

DanBred gilts in nucleus herds, 2021

Genomic selection ensures...

Breeding values can be calculated with an even greater accuracy, which has a positive contribution on genetic gain. DanBred conducts DNA testing on all breeding animals, resulting in an increase of 30 % in genetic gain – a benefit that is available for everyone who uses DanBred genetics in their production.

Continued Achievements

Increase Sustainability

DanBred carries out performance testing of the future AI boars both at the DanBred boar testing station Bøgildgård, and in DanBred’s nucleus herds, and we openly share this updated data every year. With more than 30 years of experience collecting data on boar production traits and feed efficiency, DanBred can select the best genes, and only the highest performing boars with optimum index are sent to AI, where they father the pigs of the future.


DanBred breeding animals are performance tested


Years of experience collecting data

In total around 100,000 DanBred breeding animals are performance tested, and since 2019, 25 % more boars have been tested at Bøgildgård. It is expected that the increased number of tested animals will result in a 10 % increase in genetic progress for feed efficiency in the coming years.

Average production results achieved by

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DanBred boars in nucleus herds

DanBred Duroc – 1329

DanBred Landrace – 1144

DanBred Yorkshire – 1137

DanBred Duroc – 404

DanBred Landrace – 382

DanBred Yorkshire – 359

DanBred Duroc – 62.24

DanBred Landrace – 64.52

DanBred Yorkshire – 62.81

DanBred Duroc – 2.91

DanBred Landrace – 2.93

DanBred Yorkshire – 3.07

DanBred Duroc – 6.7

DanBred Landrace – 6.3

DanBred Yorkshire – 7.0

DanBred Duroc – 100.4

DanBred Landrace – 100.8

DanBred Yorkshire – 100.2

Average production results achieved by

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DanBred boars at the DanBred testing station Bøgildgård

DanBred Duroc – 1286

DanBred Landrace – 1128

DanBred Yorkshire – 1117

DanBred Duroc – 1.84

DanBred Landrace –  1.96

DanBred Yorkshire – 1.93

DanBred Duroc – 62.8

DanBred Landrace – 65.0

DanBred Yorkshire – 63.2

DanBred Duroc – 2.86

DanBred Landrace – 2.93

DanBred Yorkshire – 3.11

DanBred Duroc – 25.02

DanBred Landrace – 26.19

DanBred Yorkshire – 25.89

DanBred Duroc – 6.2

DanBred Landrace – 5.6

DanBred Yorkshire – 6.2

DanBred Duroc – 101.8

DanBred Landrace – 100.7

DanBred Yorkshire – 101.0

Average production results achieved by

DanBred gilts in nucleus herds

DanBred Duroc – 1222

DanBred Landrace – 1090

DanBred Yorkshire – 1098

DanBred Duroc – 405

DanBred Landrace –  383

DanBred Yorkshire – 362

DanBred Duroc – 62.73

DanBred Landrace – 64.77

DanBred Yorkshire – 62.56

DanBred Duroc – 3.00

DanBred Landrace – 3.11

DanBred Yorkshire – 3.14

DanBred Duroc – 6.2

DanBred Landrace – 6.0

DanBred Yorkshire – 7.4

DanBred Duroc – 101.1

DanBred Landrace – 100.6

DanBred Yorkshire – 100.0

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