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We don’t lose any partners; once they’ve bought gilts from us one time, they usually come back and want to buy from us again and again.

Mr. Mátyus Ferenc Róbert

In close collaboration with DanBred, and with expert guidance from the Solutions team, we could update our entire farm with new equipment to help us get the most out of DanBred genetics.

Mr. Dimitrov

We offer a unique training opportunity!

The success of DanBred is only as good as our ability to transfer knowledge to our partners. That is why the DanBred Academy offers you a unique training opportunity! Through the DanBred online and on-farm training programmes you get the chance to learn from the best. To register your interest and find more information, contact us below.

Breeding System

Your path to progress

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Extra genetic gain with DNA testing

DanBred DNA tests 100% of our breeding animals and was the first to introduce genomic selection into the breeding system. 

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Breeding Index

All DanBred breeding animals are given a breeding index based on collected data to help select the best future generations.

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DanBred genetics proved best in test when the DanBred Hybrid sow was compared to production sows from six other breeding systems.

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Breeding Data

All DanBred customers can access relevant breeding data in the officially approved DanBred Herd-Book.

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Breeding Goal

The breeding goal focuses on creating gain that maximises the profitability for pig producers.

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Documented Results

Performance data documents continued sustainable achievements.

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Crossbreeding effect

Heterosis has a great impact on productivity and performance.

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Benefit from the genetic gain in a closed-herd system with DanBred GenePro.



DanBred strengthens its position in North America even further

More than 120 years of breeding work combined with excellent local knowledge and similar core values: the match was evident from the beginning. The original Danish pig breeding system has returned to North America with the establishment of the subsidiary DanBred Canada. DanBred is pleased to announce its collaboration with the established Alliance Genetics Canada, which will give the Canadian pig producers direct access to the world’s best breeding engine. The collaboration between the two genetics companies will ensure that the Canadian pig producers get local access to the world-class breeding engine of DanBred. The strategic step to establish a

Productivity & Profit

Learn how to produce more finishers per pen place

There are actually big differences as for how effectively pig producers utilise the pens in the facility, and this has a direct effect on the bottom line. Of course, you want to produce as many pigs per the lowest cost of production as possible – without compromising animal welfare. And particularly, with the very high feed prices that pig producers all around the world struggle with right now, you want to utilise your resources to the max. One specific system might actually enable you to produce more finishers per pen place. The latest economic benchmark in Denmark revealed that there



Productivity & Profit

Christian Fink from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council explains the development in economic progress in the Danish pig production, as well as the reasons and R&D behind Denmark being the leading country on cost pr produced kg pork in a high-cost country.

About us

Danish solutions with a global audience

DanBred P/S is a leading international pig breeding company and aims to be the preferred supplier of genetic products and service solutions to commercial pig producers worldwide. DanBred P/S is owned by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Agro and Holdingselskabet DBI A/S (the former DanBred International A/S).

67 multiplication farms in Denmark

38 multiplication farms all over the world

36 AI farms all over the world

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DanBred delivers world-class genetics and practical support, which results in direct profitability for our partners.

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选择丹育,从基因,供货、到运输以及更多方面,我们助力全程。 预约之后,我们会在您方便的时候联系您。



Мы можем помочь вам перейти на генетику DanBred и организовать поставки, транспорт и многое другое. Назначьте время, и мы позвоним, когда вам удобно.


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