DanBred is on the lookout for a new CEO


A change in the top management. DanBred is on the lookout for a new CEO, who can strengthen the company further.


In agreement with the board the CEO of DanBred, Claus Fertin has decided to resign as CEO of the company.


Claus Fertin says: “I am pleased that I have been able to contribute to helping my skilled colleagues and DanBred in a difficult time with challenging business terms in 2022. The board and I have agreed in letting a new CEO take over the next step for the company. Hence, I will latest 1 July 2023 handover the responsibility to my successor, whereafter I will focus on new tasks”.


The chairman of the board, Truels Damsgaard states the following about the decision: “We have been happy about the cooperation and the way that Claus has been able to steer DanBred’s organisation in the right direction. Today the company is at a state, where we united have decided to find a new profile, who will develop the company further, focusing on our key strengths”.


Claus Fertin continues as CEO and will contribute with his competencies, until a new CEO is on board.


For further information please contact Truels Damsgaard, Chairman of the Board, at [email protected] or +45 40133465.



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