DanBred expands in Germany with AI station

DanBred AI station NOS

DanBred is pleased to announce the expansion of our subsidiary in Germany with our own AI station.


With the purchase of the NOS AI station, which comes with 240 boars, we want to make a clear commitment to the German market and build an even closer relationships with our customers.


A crucial part of DanBred’s strategy, Next Level DanBred, is to increase local market presence in all relevant markets – and this clearly includes Germany.

Germany is an important market for us, where we need to be more present! The market is characterised by structural change, which makes it even more important for us to be present locally,” says Claus Fertin, CEO of DanBred.


Customer needs are at the heart of everything DanBred does! The aim of investing in our own insemination station in Germany is to bring the latest genetics into the stables of the German customers even faster and to ensure more feed efficiency in the finisher pigs with our DanBred Duroc.

Peter Thomsen, Regional Sales Manager, Western Europe, at DanBred explains: “We want to be in close dialogue with our German customers and continue to expand and deepen our partnerships, which we have had for years. It works best when we are present on the market.

DanBred is confident that establishing a DanBred-owned AI station will enable deeper customer loyalty.


The expansion of DanBred Deutschland GmbH, with its own AI station, was made possible through a long-term collaboration with the established DanBred partners ZNVG and DanSau. These valued partners provided growth, continuity, and a solid understanding of how the market worked. We would also like to thank our partners from the AI sector for their consistently strong co-operation and hope to be able to continue this more intensively now.



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