DanBred exports 2,000 pigs to China

Pigs arrive in China

DanBred is proud to announce that we have successfully exported 2,000 purebred DanBred Landrace, DanBred Yorkshire, and DanBred Duroc pigs to our partner East Hope Group in China, a large holding company specialising in agriculture.


The export marks a significant milestone for DanBred, which has been expanding its presence in the Chinese market for several years. We have established a strong partnership with East Hope, which is one of China’s biggest pig producers with farms spread all around the country.


The breeding pigs exported by DanBred are of high genetic quality and health status and will form the foundation for East Hope’s pig production going forward. By June 2024, East Hope’s goal is to have a production with 200,000 sows. This export is a huge first step towards making DanBred’s original pig genetics from Denmark available in China.



The pigs were shipped in two large aircrafts from Billund Airport in Denmark to Ordos Airport in China, and then transported to East Hope Group’s facilities in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.


We are very proud of this partnership with East Hope Group, which is a highly respected and professional partner in the Chinese pig industry. This export demonstrates our commitment to providing the best genetics and service to our customers in China and around the world,” says Torben Aarris, CEO of DanBred.



China is one of the biggest markets in the industry and a market in impressive growth and development. Several times, DanBred has proven that its efficient pig genetics from Denmark fits very well with the Chinese market. Therefore, DanBred is sure the partnership with East Hope will be a success and contribute to the improvement of productivity and profitability in East Hope’s future production.


East Hope is delighted to receive the pigs from DanBred, which is a world-renowned Danish pig breeding company with a long history and expertise. We believe that DanBred’s pigs will enhance our production and help us achieve our goal of producing high-quality pork for the Chinese consumers,” says Mr. Guan, Production Director at East Hope Group.


The co-operation and communication between DanBred and East Hope Group has been smooth during the entire export process. As part of the partnership, a delegation from East Hope was invited to Denmark in August to gain a better insight into the Danish pig industry as well as participate in DanBred’s On-farm Training programme. During the visit, the group visited the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, DMRI, SKOV as well as a few Danish pig productions.



For further press information, please visit: DanBred press.



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