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Bridging the physical and virtual worlds

DanBred is leaping into the digital era as one of the first pig breeding companies to introduce Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA). This technology will enable farm management to visually collaborate with people outside of the farm without any physical interaction – increasing biosecurity, decreasing the amount of travel needed, strengthening collaborations, and generally improving efficiency!   DanBred is always working on new innovative solutions to improve biosecurity. One of the solutions we have been focusing on, is to limit the spread of infections by limiting the amount of people visiting multiple herds. When COVID-19 put a stop to travelling, …

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High performance capacity with DanBred Duroc

The performance capacity when rearing pigs using DanBred Duroc as terminal line is high, not only in Denmark but also outside of Denmark – if the pigs are ensured the right conditions. That is once again confirmed by results from a three-year project conducted by the Swedish meat trade organisation, Svenska Köttföretagen. DanBred offers a range of service solutions and free manuals to help our customers get the full range of benefits from DanBred’s world-class genetics.   A three-year project monitored two Swedish farms that introduced DanBred Duroc as terminal line. Both farms also implemented recommendations available from DanBred and …

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20 times faster calculation of DanBred’s breeding index

The Danish Pig Research Centre, Breeding & Genetics (DPRC), are the first in the world to start using the IT tool Linear Models Toolbox (LMT). It allows them to analyse large amounts of data and calculate the DanBred breeding index much faster. It also opens brand new perspectives for developing DanBred’s breeding program in the future.   “Today, we have an enormous amount of data on all our breeding candidates. This is what makes DanBred’s breeding system so efficient. But the amount of data has a tremendous impact on how fast we can calculate the breeding index – which we …

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Increased focus on breeding for sow longevity

SEGES Breeding & Genetics currently focuses on how pig production can get more robust production sows. Sow longevity is already part of the DanBred breeding goal. Now, a PhD project examines how sow longevity can be further increased – to benefit both the bottom line and animal welfare. Breeding for sow longevity influences the sows’ productive lives and, thereby, the sows’ survival. Increased survival results in a better contribution margin, but increased survival is also expected to positively affect animal welfare, as potentially underlying causes of mortality can be reduced. Together with Aarhus University, SEGES Breeding & Genetics has examined …

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Genetic potential and heterosis in production herds

The genetic potential of DanBred breeding animals is efficiently transferred to production farms, a study from the Danish Pig Research Centre shows. Are pig producers seeing the genetic gain attained in the purebred DanBred breeding animals in their production farms? Yes, they are. That is the conclusion of a study carried out by the Danish Pig Research Centre, where the results also show that the crossbred finishers are more disease resistant. Both create value for pig producers. Read more: The DanBred crossbred finishers – Health and Robustness Study demonstrates clear impact The Danish Pig Research Centre are the DanBred R&D …

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Press release: DanBred is moving to a new HQ

It is with great pleasure that we can reveal that the DanBred HQ is moving to a new location with newly renovated offices effective March 1st, 2021. “DanBred is on an ambitious and exiting journey for growth, and our old HQ offices could no longer accommodate our needs in terms of manpower and aspirations for the future”, says Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO at DanBred. “Consequently, our new offices will have room to grow and to think outside the box, which will help take DanBred to the next level and benefit all our global customers.” The team at DanBred are hard …

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