More breeding pigs ensures more breeding progress

breeding pigs

The number of tested breeding pigs has increased considerably in our breeding herds over the past year. The increase means an even stronger breeding index for production herds with DanBred genetics.   120,000 pigs in one year. That’s how many 30-100 kg pigs have been through our testing during 2023. That’s 10,000 pigs more compared […]

Balanced breeding for the future

Balanceret avl for fremtiden

There are many wishes and requirements for livestock production today, including pig production. Sustainability, efficiency, health and welfare for the pigs must all come together. Here, breeding goals play an important role in improving the pigs’ genetics to suit the future pig production.   There are high demands for pig production, which is expected to […]

Denmark’s production costs remain among Europe’s lowest

Production costs

2022 was another tough year for pig producers worldwide. However, according to InterPig’s annual report from 2022, the high efficiency of Danish pigs make Denmark one of the countries with the lowest costs of production in Europe – which is essential when prices are low and feed costs high.     High productivity contributes to […]

Breeding for profit


We need to be smart about our production costs, including labour costs. Even when we consider labour costs, DanBred genetics contribute to a higher return of EUR 5,524 per sow per year in your pig production.     The DanBred sows have excellent mothering abilities and can take care of many piglets. Therefore, it is […]

Optimal finishing feed strength for finishers has increased

A recent trial by SEGES Innovation showed that today’s DanBred pigs can handle a higher finishing feed strength without compromising meat percentage and feed utilisation considerably.   SEGES Innovation has previously recommended a finishing feed strength of max. 2.67-2.86 kg dry feed per day. However, in recent years, pig producers and advisors have frequently reported […]

More pigs and easier management after switch

Kristoffer Hald

Better mothering abilities and more liveborn piglets. These are two of the reasons why Kristoffer Hald chose to switch to DanBred genetics. And he can already see the difference.   The sow has more liveborn piglets and is good at taking care of them. These are some of the things that Kristoffer Hald noticed after […]

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