French Comparison Between Duroc Genetics

The results of the INAPORC study, led by the French Chambers of Agriculture and the French Pork and Pig Institute (IFIP), were finally unveiled during SPACE 2021. The DanBred Duroc offspring clearly stands out with significantly better breeding performance!


In this recent French study, three Duroc sire lines were compared: Axiom, DanBred and Topigs Norsvin. Piètrain NN was used as control. The results of the study were crystal clear, DanBred Duroc offspring perform exceptionally well! Whether that is in the farrowing area, thanks to the vigorous piglets, or in the finishing phase, where the offspring had an excellent feed conversion ratio.


We would like to highlight a few pointers from the study:

  • Much lower live birth loss rate – only 10.5 % for DanBred Duroc against 16.5 % for Axiom Duroc and 16.6 % for Topigs Norsvin Talent. Thus, the ability to wean more piglets!
  • Higher weaning weight – 8 kg for DanBred Duroc compared to 7.3 kg for Axiom Duroc and 7.1 kg for Topigs Norsvin Talent
  • Very superior finishing performance compared to Piétrain NN in all areas:
    • ADG: 940 g (855 g for Piètrain NN)
    • FCR (from 30 kg to 115 kg): 2.61 (2.79 for Piètrain NN)
    • LMP: 61.7 (61.1 for Piètrain NN), despite heavier carcasses
    • A higher level of intramuscular fat, particularly on the loin, and a good technological quality of the meat


You can read the study in English, right here

Or in French, here.



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