Exploit the DanBred genetic potential on lean meat percentage

When it comes to maximising the potential of the DanBred genetics, very high prolific sows with many live born piglets and high daily weight gain is often emphasised. However, the breeding efforts put into DanBred genetics is considering the full economical value of the whole production chain and includes finisher pig. But DanBred is much more than that. Lean meat for example: DanBred pigs have a natural potential for a high lean meat percentage in the finisher production. Here is how you exploit the potential.

The general view in pig production is that low daily weight gain will increase lean meat percentage, whereas high daily gain increases fat deposition and lead to a lower lean meat percentage. When working with DanBred genetics, feeding strategies and especially feed composition is the main key to utilise the genetic potential for high lean meat percentage in the DanBred Finishers. Feeding ad libitum until 60 kg of body weight is optimal, but from 60 kg until slaughter the feeding strategy is crucial.

For example, feeding castrates and females by two different feed curves, you are able to maintain a high average daily gain and still maximize the lean meat percentage. This implies that castrates and females should be sorted according to sex in groups. Keeping high lean meat percentage with increasing live weight can be a challenge. However, by sorting the castrates from females you will be able to feed the two sex groups differentiated and thereby optimize both daily gain as well as lean meat percentage. Compared to castrates, females benefit from being fed 0.10 to 0.16 kg more per day.

Standard feed curves for DanBred finishers from live weight 30 kg. to 133 kg.

In general, it is never recommended to practice ad libitum feeding from 60 kg live weight, unless the composition of the feed mixes changes. Instead use restricted feeding according to the feed curves. It can be beneficial to use at least two different feed mixes, one from 30-60 kg. and one from 60 kg. until slaughter. This will contribute to a better performance in the finisher units, because you will be feeding closer to the nutritional needs for maximum lean meat percentage. At the end of the day improving your economy.

Always adjust the feed curves to the actual conditions and performance in the production. Be aware, that feeding according to recommendations will lead to optimal economical results. Feeding above the recommended level will be costly, as increased feed intake will improve daily gain, but decrease lean meat percentage. Feed optimization is important to exploit optimize the genetic potential of DanBreds finishers especially when it comes to lean meat percentage.

Three suggestions from the DanBred Technical Services Team:
• Divide the finishers into groups according to sex
• Feed castrates and females differentiated
• Use restricted feeding from 60 kg.

The demand in regard to lean meat content vary from market to market and relies on the requests from local slaughterhouses and consumers. Bottom line is, that the economic optimum at your farm is a trade-off between production efficiency and feeding management to maximize gross margin per finisher pig.

Contact DanBred Technical Services Team to get specialised advice for your herd: [email protected]



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