DanBred strengthens sales activities in Italy

PRESSRELEASE: DanBred is gunning for a bigger market share in Italy and is now strengthening the Italian sales team with the addition of Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL. He will in cooperation with DanBred’s current agent in Italy, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S, bolster DanBred’s sales and service offering for the Italian customers.

DanBred is experiencing growth in the Italian market, and to answer the market demand for DanBred animals, Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL, will join the Italian team. Roberto’s assignment is to assist and develop DanBred’s business-portfolio with our current Italian agent, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S.

Claus Holmgaard, DanBred Sales Director, CCO, Greater Europe, is pleased to welcome Roberto de Pol to the sales team. His previous experience with DanBred International makes him familiar with DanBred products. Also given his many years as a top salesman in Italy, Roberto will be an important addition to Danbred and the ambition of increasing the sales efforts.

– We’ve known Roberto de Pol for a number of years, and I am confident that Rosgaard and Roberto will complement each other’s knowledge and experience. It is truly great news for our Italian customers, who will get yet another resource to depend on when it comes to advice, sales and service, Claus Holmgaard says.

Will not affect current customers
The expansion of the sales team in Italy is in line with the overall strengthening of DanBred’s agent structure in Europe and in the world, which can accommodate the company’s growing number of costumers.

– Besides our ambition to conquer new territories, we will also reinforce our presence in current markets as we grow, and our market share rises. This new set-up in Italy is not a unique constellation, and we will likely see more constellations like this one in the future, Claus Holmgaard concludes.

B.S.T Soluzioni SRL’s current portfolio of customers in Italy will not be affected by this new agreement between DanBred and B.S.T Soluzioni SRL.

For more information please contact:

Christian Birch
Journalist, DanBred
[email protected]

Roberto de Pol, B.S.T Soluzioni SRL
Viale Della Vittoria 14/B, 31044
Montebelluna, Trevisy Italy
+39 (335) 6279342
[email protected]

Porktrade Group SRL
Via Sorelle Girelli 3
+39 (348) 2428108
[email protected]



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