DanBred delivers 3,000 breeding animals to Russia

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During the second half of 2020, DanBred has successfully chartered four cargo aircrafts and delivered almost 3,000 purebred breeding animals to Russia. Keeping a strong and steady delivery schedule, all animals were shipped as planned, and great teamwork from all parties made the execution of the order an unmitigated success.


Earlier this year, RusAgro ordered a total of 2,955 purebred DanBred breeding animals for split delivery between weeks 32 and 50 with the intention of entering the animals into their local breeding and production farms. The company, which is the second largest pig producer in Russia with more than 100,000 sows, made their choice of genetics based on the documented performance results in terms of reliable productivity, high daily growth rates, excellent production results and a high PSY – all features, which ultimately pointed them to DanBred’s DNA.

The four shipments from DanBred have brought 2,915 Yorkshire gilts, 30 Yorkshire boars and 10 Landrace boars to Russia, where they will help ensure the efficiency and profitability of RusAgro’s production by supplying them with the best genetic potential and production results. All animals were carefully selected from four Danish DanBred breeding herds: Brandmosegaard, Tybjerggaard, Rosvang and Grubegaard.


A warm welcome in Russia

Since the first shipment in week 32, the animals have continually been well received in Russia, where they all looked to be in great shape after their flights took place without incidents. During transportation, all DanBred animals were delivered in custom crates, which were built according to the size and age of the pigs, ensuring that they had plenty of room, water, feed, and cool air. Apart from this focus on a high level of animal comfort and welfare, special attention was also paid to safety and biosecurity, so that all animals arrive with the same high health as they had, when the left the Danish breeders.

The first delivery was covered by local media in Russia linked to here (in Russian):

Central Television – the largest television channel in Russia

OTV Panorama News – local station


Only the tip of the iceberg

While the size of this completed order is impressive in and of itself, it is by no means the complete picture, as more Russian orders are already in the pipeline for DanBred. For that reason, DanBred’s local presence in Russia has also increased over the last few years, and the local team has been strengthened with the addition of a National Area Manager as well as a Technical Services Manager. They will help to ensure that customers in Russia have both easy access to DanBred and can get the appropriate management knowledge for handling the breeding animals to make sure that they become a local success story. With this dedicated team in place, DanBred is perfectly situated to deliver both superior genetic products and world-class technical services.

For more highlights on the shipping process from loading the animals in Denmark to receiving them in Russia, please see the photo gallery.

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