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The power of knowledge sharing

"I learned more about the Danish health and biosecurity system, and what legislations are in place here."

As a global company, DanBred believes in the importance of knowledge sharing. We have numerous knowledgeable experts within DanBred, and we encourage them to actively seek out further information to keep up to date – we also encourage them to share their knowledge across countries, departments etc. We believe this is essential for us to stay a leading expert of pig genetics that continuously support our partners in achieving world-class results.  

Improve your productivity with our expert knowledge

DanBred has successfully implemented our thorough knowledge into pig production all over the world. We strive to support the business of our partners in everything that we do, and that is why, we are keen to share our vast knowledge with you, so you can learn how to take advantage of the full potential of DanBred.

The DanBred Academy is our knowledge universe, which now offers all DanBred partners the possibility to participate in On-farm Training. With DanBred’s On-farm Training programme, you gain practical knowledge of how to systemise and efficiently run a pig operation that utilises the full potential of DanBred genetics. We provide you with the tools that can help increase your production efficiency and optimise your production costs. And our unique training solutions are tailor-made to support you and your business in the best way possible.

We also encourage the experts within DanBred to increase their practical knowledge through On-farm Training. 

Work smarter with DanBred

DanBred wants to stay innovative. We are committed to collaborations with our valuable partners to deliver cutting-edge research and introduce new ways to optimise your business – and sharing our knowledge freely is one step in the right direction.

On-farm Training with DanBred

Laura Viñas Lóbez comes from a background as a veterinarian with a Master in Pig Production, and she is now one of our trusted Technical Service Managers. She started as a Technical Service Manager in DanBred in September 2021 and has since supported our partners in Spain with expert advice on best management practices.

Ever since I first started in DanBred, I’ve wanted to visit a Danish pig production to learn what they do and bring back this knowledge to my work in DanBred Spain.


Testimonial Experiences with On-farm Training

We’ve planned this visit to Denmark since I started in DanBred Spain. I believed there was a lot of valuable knowledge that I could gain, and that I could bring back to my work in Spain.

In Spain, a lot of my work is out in the farms providing advice and support to our partners. Of course, I want to make sure I have the most thorough knowledge, so I can help our partners in the best way – to make sure they can benefit from the full potential of DanBred genetics.

This way of learning worked really well for me, because it was very practical, and I got to see exactly how they did everything on the farms.

My training began with a visit to the DanBred headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark, where I was introduced to some of our experts and got a general overview of the structure of the Danish pig industry and some of the legislations that are in place. The following day, I visited SEGES Innovation and Danish Agriculture & Food Council in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, I was introduced to DanBred’s huge R&D department and how they work professionally to constantly improve the breeding programme, what they’re currently working on, and what projects are in the pipeline. I also learned more about the Danish health and biosecurity system, and what legislations are in place here.


Afterwards, I followed two Danish vets for some routine visits to two farms – to follow their procedures and understand what kind of questions and challenges they face in their daily work. Then, the real On-farm Training could begin. I spent three days at Sneverholt production farm. This is a leading Danish production farm, who’s skilled and dedicated staff works systematically to achieve outstanding results year after year.


My last few days were spent with DanBred’s selection team, who taught me the specific things they look for every time they go into the stables for breeding stock selection.

I particularly learned that the world-class results, such as many liveborn, large litters of robust piglets that grow fast, and excellent meat quality in the finishers, are easily achieved by implementing simple management routines.


Some of the most important practical routines I learned – and that I will bring with me in my support of our partners in Spain – were in the weaner unit, e.g., how to manage feedings, how to wean the piglets etc. These are essential management procedures to implement to gain the full potential of the DanBred sows’ large litters. I also learned how to move piglets, how to create a nurse sow, what the most important steps are when the piglets are first born, and so much more.

One DanBred

All the experts I met during my visit were very forthcoming and eager to exchange knowledge. The staff at Sneverholt production farm were welcoming towards me – and they’re motivated about their job, which also impacts your motivation to learn, when you visit the farm and work with them. On top of that, Sneverholt also offers very nice accommodation for anyone participating in On-farm Training.

Of course, the goal with my visit was to gain a lot of practical knowledge that I can share with our partners in Spain. But this visit also brought me closer to our international partners, and I think we really gain from sharing knowledge and learning from each other – this time it was in Denmark, next time it might be somewhere else in the world?

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