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what's fact and fiction about danbred pigs?

At DanBred, we offer a comprehensive range of service solutions that help our customers utilise the full potential of our products – but are the results as good as claimed? See for yourself.

Better genes. And the data to prove it.

Fact 1

DanBred weans more kg than our competitors

DanBred sows can wean almost 41 pigs per sow per year – 6 pigs more per sow than our competitors.

A study of almost 300 DanBred sow herds showed that DanBred sows can produce more piglets (41 weaned per sow per year) that weigh 6.6 kg at weaning. So, you get more piglets with a high weaning weight, which means more kg in total for you as a pig producer.

Do you also want to wean 41 pigs per sow per year?

Learn more about our breeding programme, world-class genetics research and service solutions, and see how DanBred makes it possible to produce the highest quality pork with the least cost possible; maximum output for less input.

Fact 2

DanBred sows can wean more piglets than they have teats for

The number of teats is not crucial, but the total milk capacity is – and more teats do not necessarily mean a higher milk capacity. A recent trial by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Pig, concluded that the number of functional teats at farrowing had no significant influence – neither on the number of pigs weaned per weaning nor on the weight of the litter.

Fact 3

DanBred sows deliver more kg piglets compared to kg feed

DanBred sows can wean almost 41 pigs per sow per year. That means you need less sows to wean more piglets – and less sows to feed results in a lower total feed consumption.

Do you want to discover the opportunities for improved productivity, genetic and economic progress?

Download our report on the DanBred Breeding Supply Chain and see the results from our record-breaking progress on FCR, ADG and LP5.

Fact 4

DanBred D(LY) finishers have superior feed efficiency

With a daily gain of 1,087 g/day and a feed conversion ratio of 2.4 feed/kg gain, DanBred D(LY) finishers have superior feed efficiency. A higher feed efficiency results in lower costs per finisher and a higher total profit for you.

Fact 5

DanBred animals deliver superior economic advantage

The high litter size of DanBred animals reflects positively on your total economy: one extra weaned pig per sow per year means 36EUR more for you as a pig producer. At DanBred, we have already achieved those big litter sizes, which means you can learn how to manage big litters from the beginning.

Do you also want an economic advantage?

Learn more about our breeding programme, world-class genetics research and service solutions, and see how DanBred makes it possible to produce the highest quality pork with the least cost possible; maximum output for less input.

Fact 6

DanBred Duroc has superior performance

Do you know if you gain from the breeding progress? You do when using DanBred genetics. Our DanBred Duroc has superior performance in both nucleus and production herds. 

DanBred Duroc in
Nuclues Herds

Daily gain - 1,329 g/day (30kg - slaughter)

DanBred Duroc in testing
station (Bøgildgård)

Daily gain - 1,286 g/day (30kg - slaughter)

DanBred finishers in commercial production herds

Daily gain - 1,087 g/day (30kg - slaughter)

Feed conversion ratio - 2.4 kg feed/kg gain (30kg-slaughter)

Fact 7

DanBred animals achieve great results in production herds

Pig producers all around the world can achieve DanBred’s world-class results in their production that’s why we share the results from commercial production herds freely.


Results from Nucleus Herds and commercial production herds show that the production results follow the breeding progress we see in purebred breeding animals 1:1. This means that the breeding progress in DanBred’s breeding programme also manifests in the production herds.

Feed Conversion Ration (FCR), 30-115 kg

The red line is the breeding progress calculated as an average for DanBred Duroc, DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. The average for 2020 for the breeding progress is scaled to the average from the production herds in 2020.

The grey line is the national average results for Danish finisher herds 2020, SEGES Innovation, note 2115.

Fact 8

DanBred shares our results freely

It’s easy to claim good results, if you do not share your data and results. DanBred is transparent about our results (and the large amounts of data behind those results), therefore, we can prove our breeding progress and the world-class results.


More than 100,000 DanBred breeding animals are performance tested every year.  See the latest results from Nucleus breeding stock.

The benefits of DanBred

Robust & uniform

Progenies are robust and have uniform growth rates from birth to slaughter

High survival rates

Produce litters with high survival rates and vigorous piglets

High lean meat

Ongoing selection for high lean meat percentage, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers

Most profitable

The world’s most profitable and environmentally efficient terminal boar line

Superior daily gain

Progenies have superior daily gain from birth to slaughter and the best feed efficiency

Exceptional meat quality

Finisher carcasses have exceptional meat quality: pH, colour and IMF

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