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DanBred offers all pig producers free access to the DanBred Manuals. These manuals and DanBred’s online Knowledge Hub give managers all the tools they need to turn expert knowledge into measurable results in the pigpen.

”DanBred’s extensive knowledge library helps you get the full benefit of the genetic potential of your DanBred animals, and we share this knowledge openly. Our DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub are open to all pig producers,” says Head of Technical Services, Trine Lund Pedersen, DanBred.

The DanBred Manuals cover many different topics, and your employees can apply the knowledge directly in the pigpen with DanBred’s app for smartphones. Here, you can access practical advice and step-by-step instructions in the situations, when the need arises. If you want to dive deeper into the details and documentation behind this advice, you will find this in the digital platform Knowledge Hub. Here you can learn how expert knowledge is translated into practice, why it is important, and which results you can expect, when you follow the advice. And finally, if you prefer personal expert advice or feedback, DanBred’s Partner Service offers personal assistance with issues both large and small.


Increased efficacy and sustainability

The DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub contribute positively to creating a more sustainable pig production both nationally and globally. Proper handling of the animals not only increases animal welfare, health and quality, it also contributes to a more sustainable pig production. DanBred’s breeding animals are highly effective and produce maximum output per unit input, thereby making the very best use of resources. For the pig producer, this manifests itself in increased productivity.

”The DanBred Manuals play an important role in this,” Trine Lund Pedersen says. ”They offer easily accessible, practical knowledge to the people working in the pigpen who can make a difference in optimising the production on a day-to-day basis.”


A Manual for every situation

The manuals cover a wide range of farm units and address many different target groups, but they are all structured around the production flow. They all offer expert recommendations, user-friendly instructions, and practical advice on how to optimise the practical routines and daily operations in the pigpen.

The first manual, the Sow & Gilt Manual, is structured around the sow’s production cycle. You follow the sow through quarantine, mating, gestation, farrowing, nursing, and weaning, and the manual contains text, pictures, and illustrations. This makes it easy to navigate through the six most important stages of a sow unit and get the best possible results.

The GenePro Manual is the optimal guide for farms using an on-farm replacement strategy with focus on quality and health. From the initial stages of strategy and planning to the actual handling and selection of the optimal gilts, the GenePro Manual shows you how to produce DanBred gilts for on-farm use and, at the same time, get the full benefit from the record-breaking genetic progress that DanBred documents and delivers every year.

In addition to these two manuals, DanBred has launched an On-farm Boar Manual with instructions for optimal handling of on-farm AI boars and a Feeding Manual with detailed information about optimal feeding strategies.


The Knowledge Hub continues to grow

”Our digital Knowledge Hub is a tool that can help you and your employees optimise your business. It gives you expert knowledge about pig production in an easily understandable format, so you can transfer this knowledge into actions that make your production more efficient and improve the bottom line,” says Trine Lund Pedersen.

The DanBred Manuals and the Knowledge Hub can thereby help increase competencies and serve as a tool for managers to ensure that what they think takes place in the pen, actually takes place.

”DanBred’s knowledge universe is growing, and we are continuously developing new manuals and tools with expert insights and hands-on experience. This way, we generate growth through knowledge and ensure everyone succeeds with our DNA,” Trine Lund Pedersen concludes.


Knowledge Hub

  • The Knowledge Hub was launched in July 2019 and had a complete make-over in July 2020
  • 7000 visitors every year
  • 20 visitors a day on average
  • 600 visitors a month on average
  • Used in 131 countries
  • Top five countries:
    • 1. Denmark
    • 2. China
    • 3. The US
    • 4. Spain
    • 5. South Africa



  • The manuals were launched in June 2018, and since then, three new manuals have been added
  • The web manuals have had 8500 visitors, and DanBred’s app has been downloaded 8500 times
  • 23 visitors a day on the web manuals on average
  • 700 visitors a month on the web manuals on average
  • Used in 137 countries
  • Top five countries:
    • 1. Denmark
    • 2. China
    • 3. Germany
    • 4. Holland
    • 5. Spain



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