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Written by Trine Friis Pedersen, Consultant, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, Livestock Innovation Abstract There is a great potential for improving piglet survival, leading to even more weaned piglets per litter. The key elements that enable sows to wean many piglets are healthy sows and piglets, the right nutrition and the right mangement throughout the lactation period. Therefore, although managing sows with high litter size is not an easy quick-fix, but implementing the right routines will increase the herd productivity. Improving piglet survival starts before farowing, by moving healthy sows in the right condition and in the correct time …

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Get practical instructions in the pigpen with the DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub

DanBred offers all pig producers free access to the DanBred Manuals. These manuals and DanBred’s online Knowledge Hub give managers all the tools they need to turn expert knowledge into measurable results in the pigpen. ”DanBred’s extensive knowledge library helps you get the full benefit of the genetic potential of your DanBred animals, and we share this knowledge openly. Our DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub are open to all pig producers,” says Head of Technical Services, Trine Lund Pedersen, DanBred. The DanBred Manuals cover many different topics, and your employees can apply the knowledge directly in the pigpen with DanBred’s …

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Is your herd living up to its full genetic potential?

Every farm has its own challenges but with strategic In-Farm Solutions from DanBred, good advice is available for everyone. Can the genetic potential be better utilised? Are there production factors that can be optimised? The answer is yes, when you choose a tailored solution from DanBred, which will help you to tackle issues and improve your operations by setting and achieving realistic and ambitious goals. “Technical managers are sometimes perceived as firemen, who uncritically busy themselves with solving all of the pig producers’ acute problems by putting out little fires everywhere. But we are much more than that,” says Søren …

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Written by Gunner Sørensen, Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, Abstract Feed composition and feed strategy in the gestation period are crucial factors to achieve a high performing lactating sow with a satisfying longevity. A backfat thickness at farrowing of 16 – 19 mm is the goal for the feeding, but it´s also at a challenge to obtain this aim in loose housing systems, warm climate and with modern genetics. As a guideline, the first 4 weeks after insemination is the period to regulate the backfat after the previously lactation – skinny sows must be feed close to …

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Written by Thomas Sønderby Bruun, Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, Abstract The correct feeding strategy for the lactating sow is frequently discussed, and the aim of this article is to describe the latest research results and how they should be used to support nursing capacity, average daily litter gain and subsequent reproduction. A backfat thickness at farrowing of 16 – 19 mm is furthermore a prerequisite for a succesful farrowing and a high milk production. Recent research has shown that preweaning mortality is low, and that sows that are standardised with 14 medium to large piglets are …

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Written by Christoph Hutter, Product Manager Feed Additives, ADDCON GmbH and Dr. Christian Lückstädt, Technical Director Feed, ADDCON GmbH. The successful rearing of many high-quality DanBred piglets is centred around the attentive management of the sows as well as the piglets. When working with new-born piglets, it is important to look at all factors that influence and determine their subsequent performance, as this can directly influence the success of the overall pig production. The piglets’ first contact with the outside environment is important, both for their future growth and health. One of the most common causes of piglet losses in …

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