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DanBred Duroc: Sustainable and documented breeding for more than 30 years

DanBred Duroc makes your business highly competitive, giving you more pork for less costs! DanBred Duroc is used as the terminal sire in the DanBred cross-breeding program, where the performance is excellent in combination with the DanBred Hybrid. DanBred Duroc produces large litters as well as fast growing finisher pigs with low feed conversion ratio and a high lean meat percentage. As an extra benefit DanBred Duroc produces carcasses with an excellent meat quality. DanBred Duroc originates from North America; the race was imported to Denmark in the 1970s. Through decades of professional selection, the breed has been genetically improved …

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Increased focus on robust DanBred animals through additional breeding progress for conformation

Breeding & Genetics, SEGES Pig Production constantly strives to increase the breeding progress for DanBred’s customers. A new method for evaluating the breeding animals’ genetic heredity for conformation will ensure an even better robustness of slaughter pigs and sows through increased leg and back strength. Today, the conformation of the breeding candidates in DanBred’s breeding program is evaluated at the end of the performance test in all nucleus herds. This is also a part of the station test at Bøgildgård. Annually, the expert technicians evaluate the conformation of between 90.000 and 100.000 of the performance tested animals. The conformation score …

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Breeding for robustness in pigs: Conformation

This is the first of two articles on breeding for robustness in pigs and focuses on confirmation. The second article will cover sow longevity. by Dr Birgitte Ask, Senior Scientist, Genetics and Lizette Vestergaard Pedersen, Consultant, Danish Pig Research Centre. The breeding of robust pigs is a substantial key input factor to global pig production and ensures healthy and strong animals. Robust pigs are more resistant to changes in their environment. They stay fit and free of infections and diseases and maintain a high productivity. This improves the financial position of pig producers and improves animal welfare in pig production. …

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Why social pigs are a gain for DanBred customers Great news. The results from this unique study pave the way for new opportunities for setting even more balanced breeding goals that can improve productivity and welfare simultaneously. In the future, this means the inclusion of a new social trait in the DanBred breeding goal, which will improve genetic gain in daily gain by an additional 5 -10 %. Furthermore, this may also contribute to improved animal welfare – simply because a sweet and social pig is supporting its pen mates in a positive manner. At this very moment, Danbred has …

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DanBred is at VIV ASIA 2019

The DanBred team is ready for the upcoming exhibition VIV ASIA 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, 13-15 March. We’ll be at booth no. H100.3106 from start to finish. Visit us at stand H100.3106 The DanBred team consists of both international and local advisors with market knowledge and technical expertise relevant to Asia. We are available throughout the fair at the DanBred stand H100.3106 in the breeding section of the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre.   Attend the DanBred Seminar Choosing the right genetics for your pig production can be like navigating a maze. To help you make the right and …

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DanBred triumphs at award show in Spain

DanBred’s Spanish customers have good reasons to be exited these days. At the recent Porc d’Or awards ceremony, which is an award that celebrates Spanish pig and livestock producers, 33 out of 49 awards were given to Spanish pig producers using DanBred genetics and breeding animals. Since 1994, the Spanish research center Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) has celebrated the best results and progress in pig production with the Porc d’Or award. The award has different sub categories and ranks the pig producers by their sizes, and this year turned out to be a huge triumph for many …

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