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Written by Thomas Sønderby Bruun, Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, Abstract The correct feeding strategy for the lactating sow is frequently discussed, and the aim of this article is to describe the latest research results and how they should be used to support nursing capacity, average daily litter gain and subsequent reproduction. A backfat thickness at farrowing of 16 – 19 mm is furthermore a prerequisite for a succesful farrowing and a high milk production. Recent research has shown that preweaning mortality is low, and that sows that are standardised with 14 medium to large piglets are …

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Seizing the opportunities: Let DanBred sows nurse more piglets

Are the DanBred sows capable of nursing more piglets than they are given credit for? Definitely YES, confirm The Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC) after completing an extensive trial, which explored the nursing capacity of DanBred sows. The trial concluded that when equalising litters to 15 piglets without adding milk replacement, it has no significant influence if the sow has 14 or 15 functional teats at farrowing – neither on the number of pigs weaned per weaning nor on the weight of the litter. On the contrary, there are several positive effects of letting the sows nurse more piglets, both …

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Managing high litter size from farrowing until weaning

By Flemming Thorup, DVM, Senior Scientist, SEGES Pig Production, Livestock Innovation, Abstract Managing a sow with less piglets than milk glands is simple. When the number of piglets at the sow exceeds the number of milk glands, you need to improve your management. Management in the farrowing unit can be divided into 4 parts. Taking care of small new born piglets Adjusting litter size to the capacity of the sow Managing the piglets day 1- 7 Managing the piglets day 8 untill weaning Keywords: piglets, litter size, colostrum, management, nurse sows   Relevant knowledge about DanBred sows DanBred sows …

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Heating around the time of birth saves 0.3 piglets per litter

Written by Dorthe Poulsgård Frandsen, Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre,  Abstract Additional heat around the time of farrowing significantly increased the rectal temperature of piglets weighing 900 g or less. Rectal temperature is an indicator of piglets’ survival chances, ie. the higher the body temperature above the lower critical temperature, the better the chances of survival. The effect of additional heat was investigated by installing two outdoor heaters on the sidewall of a traditional Danish farrowing pen, near the hind part of the sow. Piglets were weighed immediately after birth and rectal temperature was recorded on piglets weighing …

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DanBred delivers record-breaking genetic improvement

PRESS RELEASE: DanBred have documented a genetic improvement that shows an enhancement of €2,17 on average per slaughter pig per year during 2017. The largest genetic gain ever realised. According to DanBred, the significant increase has been achieved through genomic selection of all breeding candidates combined with professional technical expertise. – By DNA testing all breeding candidates, we obtain a better picture of which candidates that have the biggest potential in regard to our breeding goal. We have increased the probability of finding the best breeding candidates, and we achieve genetic information on each breeding animal earlier in the animal’s …

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Breeding goals have a positive impact on your profit

Updating DanBred’s breeding goals ensures greater overall genetic gain in the future via greater focus on finishers’ traits. With the new trait ’Maternal early gain’, the breeding goals of DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire now include a maternal trait with impact on the growth of piglets. PRESS RELEASE IN GERMAN. DanBred’s breeding goals are updated approximately every three years and earlier this year, we reported the new economical weighting of the traits and launched a new maternal trait. Based on the changed breeding goals, including the new updated economic weights, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, has calculated the expected genetic …

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