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DanBred’s supply chain connects the world

DanBred’s chain of genetic supply is put to the ultimate test in the African Swine Fewer (ASF) ridden Chinese market, where production output is forecasted to decline a further 25 % (10-15 million tonnes pork) in 2020. Despite a marked increase in extra EU exports of pork to China, this has so far only contributed to an increase of about 500,000 tonnes for Chinese consumption, and as it stands, EU has a quite limited surplus for exports from its own, slightly decreasing pork production. Local supply will be crucial Other Asian markets, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, are also …

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DanBred delivers record-breaking genetic improvement

PRESS RELEASE: DanBred have documented a genetic improvement that shows an enhancement of €2,17 on average per slaughter pig per year during 2017. The largest genetic gain ever realised. According to DanBred, the significant increase has been achieved through genomic selection of all breeding candidates combined with professional technical expertise. – By DNA testing all breeding candidates, we obtain a better picture of which candidates that have the biggest potential in regard to our breeding goal. We have increased the probability of finding the best breeding candidates, and we achieve genetic information on each breeding animal earlier in the animal’s …

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Managing DanBred gilts – Social gilts are productive gilts

Efficient and harmonic breeding animals is not only about the right feeding strategy and reproduction. Breeding animals also need daily handling regarding socialization. Not exclusively in relation to other or older animals in the herd, but also their relationship with humans. Implementing management protocols regarding socialization of gilts will have a great impact on the gilts future reproduction results, longevity and general welfare. DanBred is developing the genetic potential of positive social behaviour in our pigs, but it is not done with genetics alone. If you want easily managed, calm and sociable DanBred breeding animals in your herd, pay extra …

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DanBred strengthens sales activities in Italy

PRESSRELEASE: DanBred is gunning for a bigger market share in Italy and is now strengthening the Italian sales team with the addition of Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL. He will in cooperation with DanBred’s current agent in Italy, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S, bolster DanBred’s sales and service offering for the Italian customers. DanBred is experiencing growth in the Italian market, and to answer the market demand for DanBred animals, Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL, will join the Italian team. Roberto’s assignment is to assist and develop DanBred’s business-portfolio with our current Italian agent, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S. Claus …

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DanBred signs with new agent in Romania and Moldovia

PRESSRELEASE: Yet another agent will be joining the growing DanBred-family. DanBred Arges is the latest addition in the line of worldwide agents, who will be serving our clients in Romania and Moldova. As of July 2018 DanBred is expanding our network of operating global agents, which now also include Romania and Moldova in eastern Europe. DanBred Arges is the name of our new agent and DanBred Arges was founded back in 2004 by the two DanBred breeders, Martin Agerskov and Laurids Søndergaard, together with two Romanian partners, Ionel Chiriac and Nicu Benza. All four of them have a background from …

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The establishment of DanBred B.V. will ensure the continuous supply of DanBred breeding animals and genetics to the Dutch market. DanBred (formerly DanAvl) has had a strong presence in the Dutch market during the past decade, but a new company structure and a strong vison of a customer-centric approach, has seen the company redefine its global presence since the company’s inauguration 1st of December 2017. Now the structure for Holland is revealed. Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO of DanBred, says: “We see massive potential in the Dutch market. With DanBred B.V. we are further strengthening our already good position and presence …

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