DanBred establishes multiplier in Mexico with local investors.

By 2019 DanBred will have 5.000 purebred young females ready for the Mexican market. The deal is the result of DanBreds local breeding succes with 17.3 liveborn piglets on average and the high standards of food safety and animal welfare in Denmark.

The contracts were signed during the recent Danish business delegation to Mexico, led by the Minister for Environment & Food Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

“The new trade agreement between EU and Mexico followed by the Danish business delegation and our recent succesfull breeding results under local conditions, could not have made a better timing for us. We see a great demand and a huge potential in the Mexican market”, says Thomas O. Hansen, Sales Director Americas, DanBred.

For the past year DanBred has been testing their genetics in local environment in Mexico with great success. The first Danbred F1 farrowings in Mexico came of to a good start with 17,3 liveborn piglets average on 45 gilts. This demonstrates the great potential of the DanBred genes – also under local Mexican conditions.

“We have proven DanBred genetics under local conditions. With the opening of a local multiplier, we’re now ready to compete commercially in the Mexican market. Based on genetic results that no other can match and the high standards of Danish animal welfare and food safety, which all are in high demand in Mexico,” says Jacob Pilgaard, Area Sales Manager, DanBred.

The building of the new farm will start now and 650 purebred animals will be shipped to Mexico in Q4 2018.



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