DanBred shuts down all activities in Russia

The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused DanBred to terminate all activities in the subsidiary in Russia, DanBred LLC. Due to the increasing sanctions and to ensure the safety of our employees, we have decided to not only stop all trade with Russia, but to also shut down all activities for the subsidiary and employees in Russia.


“So far, we’ve kept it open, but now, we terminate all activities for the subsidiary in Russia. This will affect a number of customers in Russia, so it’s pretty serious. We also have Danish-owned customers who will be affected by this. But we can’t defend being present in Russia now,” says DanBred’s CEO, Claus Fertin.


DanBred is affected by the consequences this may have for the local employees, but we find the decision necessary.


We feel for all the innocent people who are affected by this miserable situation, and we hope for peace again soon. Our relevant partners have been contacted directly about the implications this will have for their business.



For press contact, please visit: https://danbred.com/press/



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