DanBred opens A.I. station and multipliers in Japan

PRESSRELEASE: DanBred has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with CIMCO to establish sale of DanBred genetics in Japan. At the same time CIMCO has signed agreements that give them right to multiply DanBred breeding animals in Japan as well as selling semen from regional CIMCO A.I. station. CIMCO are already ready for selling DanBred genetics to the Japanese market.

Preparations for the agreement has been on for the past three years. This means the exclusive agreement is off to a running start with the first offspring ready for commercial sale in Japan next month.

“Japan is a major opportunity for us. We expect to take a significant market share and we could not have asked for a better partner than CIMCO. While the agreement with CIMCO has been underway for some time, it was the strong brand proposition and global organisation under the new DanBred construction, that made the pieces come together,” says Thomas O. Hansen, CCO, DanBred.

“Japan is a major opportunity for us. We expect to take a significant market share and we could not have asked for a better partner than CIMCO,

Thomas O. Hansen, CCO, DanBred

One multiplier farm fully functional
The Japanese market is challenged on increasing its effectiveness and DanBred genetics has proven to be the most economical effective breeding program to meet the future demands in the market. The strong market position and experience CIMCO has, gives DanBred the perfect position in the Japanese market.

One multiplier farm is already fully functional and a planned second farm is now under renovation and will be up and running in 2019. Regarding delivery of semen, DanBred boars already are standing on CIMCO AI station, ready to deliver semen to the whole Japanese market.

“Last month we announced setting up local production in Mexico and today we are ready in Japan. Meanwhile there are several other markets that are in the final stages of contract discussions. This demonstrates a strong case for the new DanBred construction and the demand for DanBred genetics,” finishes Thomas O. Hansen.



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