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Every year, DanBred exports thousands of breeding animals from Danish breeding and multiplication herds to pig producers worldwide. In Europe, they are transported in DanBred’s trucks approved by the Danish Health Management System (SPF-SuS). Now DanBred expands this fleet with a new type of trailer with integrated air-conditioning, UV system, temperature sensors, CO2 and moisture meters, and solar cells on the roof. These functions are all designed specifically to ensure sustainable transportation with an emphasis on animal welfare and health.

During the past years, DanBred has fulfilled its ambitions to build a significant transport capacity to ensure that DanBred can offer safe transportation with high protection against contamination for the many customers in DanBred’s value chain. The first step was taken in 2018 when DanBred invested in a fleet of eight closed trucks. At the beginning of 2020, DanBred expanded the fleet with several new cars with a full focus on transport efficacy, operational reliability, and fuel economy. Now, DanBred has added several new pig trailers with many functions focused on animal welfare and health.

”We are very excited about the new additions to our fleet,” says Ulrik Møller, Logistics Manager at DanBred. ”We always focus on finding the best solutions that ensure a high level of welfare and safety, both for our precious cargo and our skilled drivers. We have achieved that with our new type of trailer, which is a first-class pig transporter.”

In addition to the new trailers, DanBred has also expanded with new tractor units from the absolute top model in Scania’s new generation of trucks – the S series – with an extra high and spacious cab, which ensures plenty of comfort for long trips in Europe.


Integrated air-conditioning and UV system

This new type of trailer is highly specified and explicitly designed for the transportation of DanBred breeding animals according to the SPS-system’s high standards. Therefore, the trailers are also approved by SPF-SuS, which means they can transport breeding animals from Danish farms with the highest health status and to customers in Europe who expect to receive animals of high quality and health status.

All exogenous bacteria are killed in an effective ventilation system with a high-tech UV system through which the air passes before it enters the trailer. Furthermore, the trailers are equipped with an integrated air-conditioning system, which makes it possible to lower the temperature by about 10° C when the temperature outside is below 40° C. If, on the other hand, it’s freezing outside, the trailer is also equipped with an oil-fired boiler, so the temperature inside the trailer where the animals are is always 18° C. Eight temperature sensors, three CO2 meters, and two moisture meters regulate the environment in the trailer, and three cameras inside the trailer allow the driver to keep an eye on the animals from the driver’s seat.

All these specifications ensure maximum animal welfare during transportation. They also ensure that the animals’ high health status is not compromised when driving through areas with potential disease.

”DanBred’s suppliers produce world-class breeding animals and, of course, these animals deserve first-class transportation when they are shipped to customers all over Europe,” says Ulrik Møller. ”Our suppliers expect their animals to arrive at their destination with the same high quality and health as when they left Denmark, and we only want to deliver world-class breeding animals.”


Three storeys with solar cells

The trailers are 3-axle, closed, and isolated with three storeys. They have adjustable tires and a big hydraulic loading ramp. Each trailer has a total of 91 m2 floor space, which means there is room for about 180 breeding pigs at 80 kg each. The lower and the middle storeys are divided into five rooms of about 6 m2 each, whereas the upper storey can be turned into 12 individual boxes with room for one boar each. This ensures all animals have enough room in their boxes where they also have access to fresh water.

Furthermore, the trailers ensure the best possible working conditions for the driver. You can adjust the height of the two top storeys and the entire roof during loading and unloading, and the integrated washing system washes and disinfects the trailer between each load. Finally, the trailers are also environmentally friendly as they have solar cells on the roof, which generate power for the tractor unit. The solar cells increase sustainability and are in line with DanBred’s focus on transport efficacy and fuel economy.


Highest comfort and safety for the driver

As mentioned, the new additions to the fleet also include Scania 520 S 4×2 tractor units, which have powerful V8 motors of 520 hp/2,700 Nm, GRSO905R gearboxes with overdrive gear, and integrated Retarder and single-reduction R780 rear axle with an economical 2.59:1 ratio when driving on highways.

On top of the driveline is Scania’s largest long-distance driver’s cab specified with a flat floor and all equipment to ensure the driver’s comfort and safety on transports through Europe. For instance, complete leather trim, fully automatic air-conditioning system, insulated side windows, extensive 4×20 W infotainment system with integrated navigation, right-turn and backup camera, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, and a number of other features which can be adjusted by the individual driver.

The cars are built by Scania in Denmark. In addition to full aluminium floor, big toolboxes, camera systems, etc., the cars have the most powerful Eco-drive generator. It is hydraulically driven by a motor power take-off and produces a massive amount of power.

”One reasoning behind these solar cells is the fact that this new type of trailer requires a lot of power for running the ventilation and air-conditioning systems that supply the animals with fresh, filtered, and tempered air during transportation in the closed trailers. This way, the animals are of the highest quality, health, and welfare when they reach our customers”, Ulrik Møller says.



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