DanBred delivers record-breaking genetic improvement



DanBred have documented a genetic improvement that shows an enhancement of €2,17 on average per slaughter pig per year during 2017. The largest genetic gain ever realised.

According to DanBred, the significant increase has been achieved through genomic selection of all breeding candidates combined with professional technical expertise.


We achieve genetic improvement of €2,17 per slaughter pig/per year

– By DNA testing all breeding candidates, we obtain a better picture of which candidates that have the biggest potential in regard to our breeding goal. We have increased the probability of finding the best breeding candidates, and we achieve genetic information on each breeding animal earlier in the animal’s life. This benefits all DanBred customers, says Anders Vernersen, head of Breeding & Genetics at SEGES Danish Pig Production.

The genetic improvement of €2,17 per slaughter pig per year is distributed across:

Daily gain from 30 kg to slaughter with a value of €0,31
Feed conversion ratio with a value of €0,82
Lean meat percentage with a value of €0,21
Living Piglets at day 5 (LP5) with a value of €0,50
Conformation with a value of €0,03
Daily gain from birth to 30 kg with a value of €0,02
Longevity with a value of €0,11
Killing out percentage with a value of  €0,02
Sire effect on litter size with a value of €0,15

Results that will resonate with customers around the world

Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO at DanBred is pleased with the genetic gain, which he believes will ensure higher revenue for DanBred customers around the world.

– As a DanBred customer, you get a boost to the genetic level in your existing production. And the fact that the genetic potential increases at individual producer-level for the same price has a huge impact. A result like this will resonate with our customers, in both Denmark and abroad, says Thomas Muurmann Henriksen.


For more information, please contact:
Christian Birch, Journalist, DanBred

Read also “Documented Results”


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