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DanBred P/S is owned by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Agro and Holdingselskabet DBI A/S (formerly known as DanBred International A/S)

DanBred is the first breeding company in the world to use genomic information from 100% of GGP and GP animals when calculating index. This makes the DanBred index the most modern in the world, very accurate and highly reliable.

DanBred Air-conditioned trucks

Every year, DanBred exports thousands of breeding animals from Danish breeding and multiplication herds to pig producers worldwide. In Europe, they are transported in DanBred’s trucks approved by the Danish Health Management System (SPF-SuS).

A little more than one year ago, DanBred expanded this fleet with a new type of trailer with integrated air-conditioning, UV system, temperature sensors, CO2 and moisture meters, as well as solar cells on the roof. These functions are all designed specifically to ensure sustainable transportation with an emphasis on animal welfare and health.


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