DanBred signs with new agent in Romania and Moldovia


PRESSRELEASE: Yet another agent will be joining the growing DanBred-family. DanBred Arges is the latest addition in the line of worldwide agents, who will be serving our clients in Romania and Moldova.

As of July 2018 DanBred is expanding our network of operating global agents, which now also include Romania and Moldova in eastern Europe. DanBred Arges is the name of our new agent and DanBred Arges was founded back in 2004 by the two DanBred breeders, Martin Agerskov and Laurids Søndergaard, together with two Romanian partners, Ionel Chiriac and Nicu Benza.

All four of them have a background from Munkbro and Marslund in Denmark and then they decided to join forces in Romania to start their own herd and production. The herd in Arges consists of 3000 sows, but will soon be expanding its herd to 6000 sows.

DanBred will be providing an ongoing delivery of DanBred breeding animals, and the herd has for several years produced more than 32 pigs per sow each year. Andrei Chiriac will act as an agent and advisor of DanBred products from Denmark and Ionel Chiriac is the director.

The contract with DanBred Arges means a substantial upgrade in sales efforts for DanBred breeding animals in Romania and Moldova. At the same time there will be an increased focus on our advisery efforts, so costumers in the future are offered advice aligning with their individual preferences.

For further information please contact:

DanBred Arges
Soseaua Pitestiului nr 35
Comuna Slobozia 117660
Judet Arges, Romania
Email: danbred.arges@danbred.ro
Phone/Fax : 0040248698370

Ionel Chiriac – Director
Phone: +40735557700
Email: ionel.chiriac@danbred.ro

Andrei Chiriac – Salesment and advisor
Phone: +40745511567
Email: andrei.chiriac@danbred.ro


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