DanBred launches new manual for handling on-farm boars

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Building on the success of the Sow & Gilt Manual launched in the autumn of 2018, DanBred now releases a new comprehensive boar handling manual. This is part of DanBred’s increasing commitment to knowledge sharing and working together with leading pig producers for profitable growth.

Trine Lund Pedersen, Head of Technical Services at DanBred, says: “DanBred Boars are high quality, performance tested animals. The management and facilities should match the quality of the boars to release their full genetic potential. We now want anybody who has an in-house AI facility, to access all the necessary tools to build the foundation for giving their DanBred boars a long and productive life.”

DanBred aims to bring their technical knowledge and know-how to anyone, who can use it to make a practical difference in their pig production, no matter where they are in the world.

Trine Lund Pedersen continues: “DanBred is built on transparency and a continuous dedication to creating a profitable business for our customers. The manuals bring that transparency and dedication to releasing the full genetic potential of our core product into the 21st century, and my team and I are massively proud of being a part of that movement”.

The manuals are available here


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