DanBred targets at first mating confirmed by Spanish research

Optimum gilts at first mating

Did you know that optimum lifetime performance is closely connected to the gilt’s weight and body condition at the time of first mating? Independent research from the University of Murcia in Spain re-confirms recommendations made for DanBred animals.


The weight of the gilts at first service is known to influence essential factors like reproduction efficiency, longevity of the sows, and, thus, the lifetime performance. DanBred’s recommendations at first mating are clear – the gilts should have an age of 230-250 days, a weight of 140-160 kg, and a back fat level of 14-15 mm. This will ensure the optimal lifetime performance of the sows.


An independent study from the University of Murcia in Spain, re-confirms the effects of DanBred’s recommendations.


In the study, gilts were divided into three groups according to body weight. At farrowing, the reproductive performance was registered as the total number of piglets born and the number of weaned piglets. Moreover, longevity, expressed as days from birth to culling, and parity at culling were also registered.


The research concluded that gilts below the recommended weight at first service were associated with lower reproductive performance, both in their first parity and lifetime productivity. Thus, introducing gilts to the herd at an optimal body weight at first service is essential for productivity.


Additionally, correct body weight at first service can be used as an early indicator of reproductive success and longevity in sows.


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Marie Jose Carrion-Lopez, Juan Orengo, Josefa Madrid, Antonio Vargas and Silvia Martinez – Miro. (2022). Effect of sow body weight at first service on body status and performance during first parity and lifetime. Animals 2022, 12, 3399.



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