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DanBred’s Spanish customers have good reasons to be exited these days. At the recent Porc d’Or awards ceremony, which is an award that celebrates Spanish pig and livestock producers, 33 out of 49 awards were given to Spanish pig producers using DanBred genetics and breeding animals.

Since 1994, the Spanish research center Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) has celebrated the best results and progress in pig production with the Porc d’Or award. The award has different sub categories and ranks the pig producers by their sizes, and this year turned out to be a huge triumph for many DanBred customers using DanBred genetics and DanBred breeding animals.

33 out of a total 49 awards ended up being handed out to DanBred customers in different categories making it a memorable night. The local DanBred sales team in Spain consists of agents and is fronted by Xavier Villarroya; he could not be happier for the costumers.
– I am very pleased and happy that the Spanish pig producers have received such an important recognition from an esteemed organization as IRTA. It’s a very big pat on the shoulder for our customers, says Xavier Villarroya.

25 golden years
Spain is one of the biggest markets in Europe, and according to the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Spain slaughtered 50 million slaughter pigs in 2017, which is only surpassed by Germany’s 58 million slaughter pigs. In other words, Spain is a key market for DanBred and Claus Holmgaard, Sales Director Greater Europe for DanBred, is happy about the results in Spain at the Porc d’Or awards.

– We’re very proud but also humbled by the fact that we have the opportunity to supply the best and most efficient Spanish pig producers. We’re thrilled on their behalf, and at the same time it underlines that DanBred is the preferred choice for some of the most skilled pig producers in the world, says Claus Holmgaard.

Spanish pig production has gone through an explosive development in the past 25 years. In 1994, the ”weaned pigs pr. sow pr. year” was 19,7, and in 2017 it had climbed to 29,46. In the same period, the farrowing percentage increased from 79.63 % to 87.36 %, and the numbers illustrates the transition of the Spanish market during the last couple of decades.

A DanBred breeder shows his impressive collection of Porc d’Or awards, which has been collected over several years.


  • The Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) is responsible for the Porc d’Or.
  • The award started in 1994 and this year the venue was in Lleida, Spain.
  • 800 production sites and 950.000 breeders supply IRTA (BDporc – Bench of Reference Data of the Spanish pig) with data and statistics, which is the foundation of the award.
  • This year, the award had 49 categories and +120 nominees.

Sources: Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) and PorciNews
Photo credits: IRTA and DanBred P/S


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