DanBred introduces 100 percent genomic selection

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DanBred improves breeding progress by 30 per cent by introducing genomic selection for all breeding pigs in the DanBred breeding programme.

DanBred, formerly DanAvl, was the first to introduce genomic selection in pig breeding in 2010. From the start and up until now, genomic selection has been carried out on a larger and larger portion of the breeding candidates. Now the company has taken the big step from 40 to 100 per cent genomic selection.

This will improve genetic progress as you can now select the best breeding animals with even greater certainty. Compared with not DNA testing the breeding candidates, it is estimated that testing all breeding candidates will improve genetic progress by 30 per cent per year.

“With 100 per cent genomic selection, we put ourselves at the absolute forefront of the world when it comes to genetic progress. There are no other companies on the market that have such effective and complete breeding programs. With a 30 per cent improvement in genetic progress, we take a leading position in the global market”, says Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO at DanBred.

Improved breeding progress and faster responses

With genomic selection, you get a much better picture of which breeding pigs that have the best genetic traits in relation to the breeding goals. This increases the certainty of finding the best breeding candidates, which ultimately results in better genetic progress.

In addition to improving genetic progress, testing all breeding animals will result in a number of practical improvements. Among other things, it’s possible to receive quicker responses to the DNA analyses in the future. This allows the DanBred breeder to decide more quickly whether an animal is to be slaughtered, sold or used for further breeding.




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