Our manuals

Developed to help you set up the correct management routines when receiving and working with breeding animals from DanBred.

Easy online access and compatible in 7 languages.

Sow & Gilt Manual

For optimum handling

The Sow & Gilt Manual is focused on optimum handling through a complete reproduction cycle.

On-farm Boar Manual

For AI boars

This Manual is structured around housing and routines, in which the boar is located from arrival to first collection of semen.

GenePro Manual

Lets you breed future generations

GenePro is DanBred’s program for on-farm replacement. Let the best sows in your herd form the basis for future generations using purebred semen from the best DanBred boars.

Feeding Manual

For implementing best practices

This Manual gives you nutrition recommendations, feeding strategies and feeding management for DanBred gilts and sows.

Gilt Rearing Manual

Conditions that secures supply chain performance

This manual focuses on optimum growth conditions through the gilt rearing unit, ensuring high quality gilts.

Pig Finisher Manual

For best practice management and feeding with DanBred finishers.

This manual is aimed at productions growing pigs all the way or some of the way from wean to finish. 


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