DanBred's Program for On-farm replacement

Farms all over the world can take advantage of DanBred’s crossbreeding program, either with or without the purchase of DanBred breeding animals.

Signing up for GenePro gives your business access to DanBred’s databank, where it is possible to follow the breeding value of on-farm boars or the semen purchased.


GenePro is an ideal solution in a closed biosecure pig-farming operation that focuses on health and quality, as GenePro makes it possible, to produce genetically high-quality DanBred gilts for on-farm use without having to compromise the herds’ health status.

You choose which level of the crossbreeding programme you want to start on. You can start on the second level by purchasing young DanBred Hybrid-gilts and DanBred Duroc-semen for the production of weaners or finishers. You can also start on the first level and produce your own young DanBred Hybrid gilts for weaner or finisher production – here, our on-farm genetic advantage programme, GenePro, will help you ensure high genetic gain in your production.


In addition, it is possible to get an updated DanBred index calculated for your own gilts by using Nucleus Management, an online breeding management system developed by DanBred.

GenePro provides access to DanBred’s continuous genetic progress which will boost your production – increasing the value of the gilts produced on-farm, making a positive difference to your business.

It will rapidly generate results in the herd, with the increased impact over time showing positive changes in on-farm performance and bottom-line economy.

Users of GenePro can choose to extend their agreement with Nucleus Management®, which is an online breeding management tool. Nucleus Management® includes a clear breeding strategy with the option to plan and produce DanBred breeding animals, which are on a similarly genetically level as purchased gilts.

DanBred genetics are internationally renowned for generating excellent results, all the way from the herd to the slaughterhouse, and closed biosecure herds can benefit from these results through GenePro.

Nucleus Management

The digital Nucleus Management solution makes it possible to monitor the genetic level of all breeding animals in the herd thus produce gilts on-farm with a genetic level close to that of purchased gilts.

Nucleus Management is an extension to GenePro, and is designed for you who wants the best breeding potential in the long run. This digital breeding management tool maximises the effects of GenePro

Nucleus Management can be set up quickly. DanBred Technical Service can assist in finding the best solution for the herd in question and ongoing plan.

Do you want to maximise your genetic level and minimise health risk?


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