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Dive into the videos below to get our experts’ best practical tips and most important recommendations to succeed with DanBred animals.

Our experts cover various topics – from ensuring success in the farrowing unit to diving deep into subjects such as optimal feeding curves for gilts and sows.

Optimal feeding of gestating sows

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Are you feeding your sows correctly?

In this technical video, we look at how to choose the right feeding curve. And we discuss the benefits by answering these questions:

  • How do we feed the sows to get the optimal back fat level at farrowing?
  • How to choose the right levels of lysine and protein?
  • How does this have a positive effect on birth weight?

Farrowing environment

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Which success criteria do you work towards in the farrowing unit?

To optimise your farrowing environment, you need to know what you are aiming for. But how do you set the right goals? 

In this video, we present:

  • Practical reflections on how to pick the right KPIs
  • How to strike a balance between quantity and quality
  • Practical tips on how to perfect your farrowing unit

The selection process

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How your selection process affects the quality of your gilts

Watch this video to join us on a journey through the step-by-step selection process of DanBred’s selection managers, and discover how to:

  • do a quality assessment of your future breeding candidates,
  • utilise the full economic potential of the DanBred animals,
  • factor index levels into your selection,
  • and ensure high productivity, longevity and animal welfare.

Creating a nurse sow

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DanBred sows can take care of more piglets than they have functional teats

Creating a nurse sow is often necessary to ensure a sufficient milk supply for all piglets. You can also succeed in this; all it takes are a few practical steps…

In this video, we show you just how easily this can be done: 

  • The intermediate nurse sow receives 4-7 days old piglets
  • Wean the 21-days old piglets, and move them to a clean section
  • Choose a nurse sow with piglets that are 4-7 days old (move her piglets to the intermediate nurse sow)
  • The nurse sow receives the same number of piglets as was taken away

The key to success

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Keys to success in the farrowing unit

In this video, you have the chance to learn more about the keys to success in the farrowing unit:

  • The best feeding schedules in the farrowing unit
  • The optimal composition of lactation diets for sows
  • The reason why you should provide extra feed for the first 14 days
  • The way to choose the correct feeding curves
  • The easy way to assess your average daily litter gain


This is one of our longer and more technical videos, so make sure you set aside the necessary amount of time – enjoy!

Do you want to explore the benefits of the DanBred breeding programme further?

Learn more about our breeding programme, world-class genetics, and service solutions, and see how DanBred makes it possible to produce the highest quality of pork with the least possible cost; maximum output for less input.

Feeding your gilts correctly

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Optimal feeding affects your herd results

In this technical video, you can learn about the optimal feeding of gilts – of course, backed by extensive data.

Watch the video to learn more about: 

  • Phase feeding of gilts (and the optimal diets for the different phases)
  • Why weight at first service has impact on litter size
  • The importance of gilt flow in the service unit
  • How to get gilts into first heat
  • The effect of flushing on litter size in first parity

How to turbocharge genetic progress in your herd

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Turbocharge your progress with DanBred GenePro and Nucleus Management

Our main goal is to ensure the highest profit for you as a pig producer. DanBred’s breeding work has a direct influence on the total economy of your production – and we can prove our continuous progress. 

Over the past five years, our progress has resulted in great improvements in production farms, e.g.:

  • 0.9 more weaned pigs per litter
  • Improved feed efficiency: DanBred finishers eat 14 kg less feed from 30-115 kg
  • Improved daily gain: DanBred finishers can grow from 30-115 kg one week faster

Do you want to save 10 EUR per market pig?

For many years, farms all over the world have improved their results remarkably using DanBred’s on-farm replacement programme, GenePro, and our breeding management tool, Nucleus Management. And you can do the same!

Knowledge universe

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We have always trusted in the power of knowledge

DanBred relies on an evidence-based approach, where true science becomes real results on the farm.

Our mission is to convert knowledge into on-farm actions, which will improve your production results.

World-class R&D

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How DanBred's R&D department improves Danish pig production

Learn more about DanBred’s balanced breeding goals, powerful breeding engine, and future projects from Tage Ostersen, Manager at DanBred’s Research & Development department in the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Working towards a more sustainable pig production

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How do we ensure pig producers' license to produce for many years to come?

In this video, Department Director at Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Pig, Christian Fink Hansen, explains how breeding and genetics can contribute to a more sustainble pig production.

The benefits of DanBred

Robust & uniform

Progenies are robust and have uniform growth rates from birth to slaughter

High survival rates

Produce litters with high survival rates and vigorous piglets

High lean meat

Ongoing selection for high lean meat percentage, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers

Most profitable

The world’s most profitable and environmentally efficient terminal boar line

Superior daily gain

Progenies have superior daily gain from birth to slaughter and the best feed efficiency

Exceptional meat quality

Finisher carcasses have exceptional meat quality: pH, colour and IMF

Did we prove our point?

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