Vietnam and Denmark Ink Deals to Unleash Potentials of Agri-Food Production

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Courtesy of the EMBASSY OF DENMARK

Hanoi, September 5th, 2018

Vietnam and Denmark Ink Deals to Unleash Potentials of Agri-Food Production

PRESS RELEASE: Today, the Embassy of Denmark hosted the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between six leading Danish companies, namely SKIOLD A/S, Munters A/S, Tornordic A/S, Haarslev A/S, DanBred P/S, Vilomix A/S, and Tan Long Group to formalize their agreements to adopt advanced Danish technologies on Tan Long’s projects.

Being one of Vietnam’s leading traders in food and agricultural commodities, Tan Long Group is expanding its pork-and-rice production with ongoing projects in both Vietnam and Myanmar. The six Danish partners are well-known companies for turn-key solutions within pig farm equipment, grain handling, feed mill plant, genetics, feed nutrition, slaughterhouses and meat bone mill.

Under the signed SPA, SKIOLD will be in a deal worth many million euros of consulting, designing, and supplying advanced solutions and equipment for a pig farm and paddy rice silos for a storage plan.

As close partners of SKIOLD, Munters supplies ventilation solutions for all pig farm projects of Tan Long Group. And DanBred and Vilomix are invited to provide the best breeding genetic and high-quality feed and nutrition supplements for pig farm projects in Myanmar and Vietnam.

Finally, Tornordic and its sub-contractor Haarslev will be the suppliers for Tan Long Group’ s slaughter house plant, meat processing plant and meat bone mill factory.

“Denmark and Vietnam have a long history of cooperation in food and agriculture, especially in the fields of seed production, animal husbandry, fisheries, water, environment and energy. Developing sustainable food value chains, enhance food standards and food safety have always been at the center of our mutual cooperation,” said Danish Ambassador-Designate Mr. Kim Højlund Christensen

“The Embassy is very pleased to assist Vietnam in unleashing its agri-food sector’s great potentials by facilitating Vietnam-Denmark cooperation like this partnership. I hope both sides will be able to strengthen the cooperation further by signing the contracts in Hanoi today,” he added.

“We are delighted and honored to become an important strategic partner of Tan Long Group, and we are excited to be main part of the largest paddy/ rice project of 240,000 tons in Vietnam. Our advanced technologies and extensive knowhow will increase efficiency in the logistic chain, lower waste and increase the quality of the delicious rice produced in Vietnam to highest standard. In association with Tan Long Group, we hope to benefit Vietnam’s porcine husbandry with the latest know-how and philosophies from Denmark for efficient pig farming and strengthen the value chain from Feed-Farm-Food (3F=BAF) to secure high food safety and full traceability.” said Mr. Lasse Viegand Hansen, CEO of SKIOLD A/S.

The SPA stands as a good example of commercial partnership in the livestock area and the cooperation under the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Denmark and Vietnam signed in 2013.


Tan Long Group:
Tan Long Group is a joint stock company specializing in food value chain, including rice and pork. The group has been invested in technologies and innovations to fully integrate 3F (Feed-Farm-Food) business model in order to ultimately ensure food quality and safety, transferring the benefits to end-consumers. Tan Long Group’s hog inventory of 350,000 pigs at present with an aim to expand its pig headcounts to produce the market with about 1 million pigs per year. In addition to the Vietnamese market, Tan Long Group has invested in large-scale pig farms in Myanmar, planning to supply 100,000 pigs to the local market by 2019.

Rice farming is another advantage of Tan Long Group with modern rice processing complexes in the southern provinces of Dong Thap and Can Tho. The group is also working to expand its rice production up to 240,000 tons per year by building new automatic post-harvest handling, storage and preservation complexes with Danish modern technologies.

With more than 140 years of developing, projecting and producing advanced machinery for feed production plants, full-line pig farms, grain storage and handling plants, poultry farms and seed processing, SKIOLD is one of the most experienced Danish companies in these fields and delivers projects all over the world. The company has been present in Vietnam for four years, assisting Vietnamese companies in consulting, identifying, designing, and developing quality & advanced solutions that increase productivity and efficiency while at the same time reduce energy consumption and operating cost.

Munters A/S:
Munters is a global leader in energy efficient and sustainable air treatment and climate solutions since 1950. Using innovative technologies, Munters works with air treatment solutions in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and datacenter sectors.

DanBred P/S:
DanBred is the world leader in pig genetics, including a complete portfolio of sales and service solutions to ensure that end-customers could maximum benefit and optimized profit from its products. The DanBred breeding and genetics program has been refined for over a hundred years and is now the world’s leading genetics program, having resulted in pigs that are more productive, healthier and more profitable than any other.

Vilomix Holding A/S:
Vilomix is a Danish producer of vitamin and mineral premixes, concentrates and milk replacers for farmers and the feed industry. Its core-competences are products and consultancy of particularly high quality to ensure that each individual farm has the best conditions for growth. The group is part of Danish Agro Group and consists of nine factories and in total 14 legal entities across Europe and Asia.

Tornordic A/S:
Tornordic has more than 30 years of experience in the slaughterhouse industry. The company is a complete supplier of machines, spare parts, and complete slaughter lines all the way from stables to boning processes.

The Danish company of Haarslev is one of the world’s leading provider of rendering and related processing solutions. Rendering and related processes play a central role in squeezing nutritional and other value out of the resources the world has at hand. The principle is simple: Instead of simply throwing out leftovers from meat, poultry and fish production, break this waste down into its constituent parts – including proteins, minerals, ingredients and fuels we can use.


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