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The effect of Mycotoxins on Swine Fertility

Written by Konstantinos Sarantis, Product Manager Mycotoxin Risk Management, Biomin Swine fertility has a significant effect on farm profitability and the number of pigs produced per sow per year is a key factor when defining production costs per pig. Modern pig genetics such as DanBred come with an extraordinary genetic potential for reproductive performance. Focused attention on feeding and especially quality of raw materials will set a prime starting point on the road to release the genetic potential for consistently high lifetime productivity. What are Mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are found in most raw feed materials worldwide, and can have a direct …

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Seizing the opportunities: Let DanBred sows nurse more piglets

Are the DanBred sows capable of nursing more piglets than they are given credit for? Definitely YES, confirm The Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC) after completing an extensive trial, which explored the nursing capacity of DanBred sows. The trial concluded that when equalising litters to 15 piglets without adding milk replacement, it has no significant influence if the sow has 14 or 15 functional teats at farrowing – neither on the number of pigs weaned per weaning nor on the weight of the litter. On the contrary, there are several positive effects of letting the sows nurse more piglets, both …

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Largest Chinese order to date: DanBred delivers 2,200 breeding animals to China

At the end of May, DanBred chartered three cargo aircrafts and successfully shipped a total of 2,200 purebred breeding animals to China. That is the largest Chinese order of breeding pigs to date, and later this year, DanBred will deliver even more breeding animals to the same customer. The 2,200 animals are purebred Landrace, Yorkshire, and Duroc. There are 2,000 young females and 200 boars weighing between 25 and 100 kilos. The breeding animals are hand-picked from four Danish DanBred pig breeders: Brandmosegaard, Grubegaard, Molsgaard, and Tybjerggaard. The many pigs were sold to the large Chinese company Guilin Liyuan Cereal …

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Heterosis increases litter size in DanBred production herds

Written by Helle Palmø, M.Sc., ph.d., Chief Geneticist, DanBred Focus: A study carried out by Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC) shows that heterosis results in DanBred Hybrid sows having up to 1.5 extra piglets per litter. The vast majority of production sows in Denmark are first crosses (F1) or zigzag crosses between DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire, and the purpose of this crossbreeding is to produce sows that demonstrate the highest possible heterosis. This will ultimately have a significant impact on production efficiency and thus directly benefit DanBred customers. DanBred’s 3-way crossbreeding system is designed to make it possible to …

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Danbred establishes subsidiary in Germany

DanBred is pleased to announce the establishment of a new subsidiary in Germany, DanBred GmbH, effective May 1st. 2020. With the establishment of this subsidiary company in Germany, DanBred will ensure the continuous supply of breeding animals to the German market, maintain a clear DanBred identity and profile in the country and be better equipped to service customers with a wide range of service solution offerings. Since the inauguration of the new DanBred at the end of 2017, the company has focused on forming and consolidating a strong structure of customer-centric subsidiaries and agents throughout Europe. Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO …

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DanBred’s supply chain connects the world

DanBred’s chain of genetic supply is put to the ultimate test in the African Swine Fewer (ASF) ridden Chinese market, where production output is forecasted to decline a further 25 % (10-15 million tonnes pork) in 2020. Despite a marked increase in extra EU exports of pork to China, this has so far only contributed to an increase of about 500,000 tonnes for Chinese consumption, and as it stands, EU has a quite limited surplus for exports from its own, slightly decreasing pork production. Local supply will be crucial Other Asian markets, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, are also …

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